Black Stretch Lace Material

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Black Stretch Lace Material is a sheer black fabric with a fine, detailed lace appearance. The smooth surface and stretchable nature of this material make it perfect for creating all kinds of fashionable apparel and accessories.

Our Black Stretch Lace Material is the perfect material to create a beautiful bodysuit. This is a durable, resilient material that is also lightweight. The stretch lace fabric moves with your body, making it ideal for future projects. Black Stretch Lace Material is 100% Nylon, black, and made of fine lace. This fabric has a slightly shiny finish with a soft touch.

This elastic lace fabric is a popular alternative to elastic bias binding. It can be used anywhere you would normally use a bias tape or self binding finish, but costs much less. It’s great for finishing necklines and hems. The crinkle texture creates a soft draping effect, perfect for creating unique looks for your garments, accessories, home decor and more.

Stretch Lace Material black is a lightweight and durable lace that can be sewn into costumes, garments, wedding gowns, and more. This black lace material is a must-have item for every woman. This lightweight stretch knit fabric will keep you looking fashionable and feeling comfortable.

This stretch lace material has good elasticity and breathability. This black stretch lace material is perfect for making your clothing, lingerie, and crafts. It’s durable and easy to work with, so you can sew a wide variety of projects in no time.

Black stretch lace is a shiny material that gives clothing a luxurious look. This versatile fabric can be used to create beautiful tops, dresses and more. This black lace material is perfect for sewing your own clothing, bags, or crafts. It’s also great for making costume pieces.

Stretch lace material is a type of stretchable fabric that features an open basic weave and an elastic property. It can be used for lingerie, swimwear, hosiery and sportswear or leotards, tights, and body stockings.

This black stretch lace material is a very versatile fashion fabric. Use it to create sleeveless blouses, cap sleeves, tops and other garments. It has elasticity and is colorfast. Black Stretch Lace Material is a very fine and soft lace that comes in different colors. This material is ideal for skirts, dresses and corsets.

This black stretch lace material is super soft and comfortable. Made from a 95% Polyester 5% Spandex cotton/lycra blend, this lace fabric is lightweight, breathable and has high stretch for easy fitting on most sizes.

With black stretch lace material, this piece is ideal for evening wear. The adjustable straps and plunge neckline flatter any figure. This black stretch lace material can be used for home decor, clothing, bridal applications and more. The lace is soft and flexible, making it easy to sew.

Quality Black Stretch Lace Materials

This stretch lace material is a great choice for bridal wear, wedding dresses, evening gowns and more. Made of 100% nylon, this fabric is soft and smooth to the touch and features a look that appears much more expensive than it actually is.

This Black Stretch Lace Material is made of 100% Polyester and can be used for making your own clothing, or for decorating other materials. This lace material is durable and easy to work with.

Black Stretch Lace Material is a lightweight, soft and stretchy lace fabric that has a beautiful sheen and drapes well. It can be used to create countless fashion items such as dresses, skirts and tops. This lace material has a beautiful texture which shows off all your sewing skills.

Black stretch lace material. This fabric is a cotton/polyester blend, so it has some give to it. It is slightly opaque, but not enough to cover the nude innerwear underneath (in the color pictured). It is softer than you might expect, and is actually a bit thicker than what I was expecting.

A soft and stretchy lace material, this nylon fabric is flexible and easy to sew. Use it to make elegant lingerie, dresses, stage costumes, robes and more. This Black Stretch Lace Material is ideal for creating fancy dresses and tops.

Our Black Stretch Lace Material provides a luxurious look to your next project. It is made of high quality yarn and is available in multiple sizes. The black color will easily integrate with other materials

This super-soft, sheer black lace fabric is perfect for creating a little something special. Use it as a lining or to add a statement piece to any outfit! Great for clothing, costumes, masks, props and decorations

This stretch lace material is a great choice for adding some subtle glamour to your design. Made from polyester, this lace is soft and smooth but still has the slight stretch that makes it more comfortable to wear. The textured surface also adds a unique, personal touch that no other fabric can match.

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