Black Stretch Lace Fabric

Black stretch lace fabric is a versatile and beautiful material. This lace can be used as an overlay for garments, curtains, bedding and tablecloths, and various other craft projects. It can also be used as an inset on anything else that needs a touch of shimmer. A printed leotard or skirt will add just enough sparkle to provide a subtle Halloween outfit for your little girl, or you could use it to accessorize a regal dress for prom.

This is an absolutely beautiful stretch lace fabric that’s perfect for all of your projects including linings, blouses, dresses and more. With a high thread count and a 3″ repeat, this black lace is sure to be perfect in any project you want it in! The black color gives it a luxurious look and feel on a variety of projects.

This Black Stretch Lace Fabric has a luxurious texture and offers a simple silhouette with a deep plunge neckline. It features a great bodycon fit that hugs the curves of this garment while giving it a luxurious stretchy effect

Very high quality, Black Stretch Lace Fabric. This fabric is of premium quality, making it a great choice for those who want to make nice clothes that look subtle and professional.

Black stretch lace fabric is a beautiful choice for covering furniture, accent pillows, costumes, and much more! This versatile fabric can create anything from simple rectangular pillows to flowing curtains. It features a jersey knit with a criss-cross seaming to add definition.

Black Stretch Lace Fabric is a lightweight fabric with a pearlized finish. It has a soft, smooth hand and a nice stretch that gives it great drape. Black Stretch Lace Fabric is a high quality, durable fabric that can be used for garments or interior decor items.

This Black Stretch Lace Fabric features a gorgeous black lace fabric for garments and accessories. It is also ideal for making ruffles on top of clothing, or you can use it as a stencil to create lace patterns on your own clothes.

This stretch lace fabric is a soft, matte fabric that is perfect for lingerie and bridal. The light weight and breathable nature of this fabric allows the lace to be comfortable to wear while still providing an attractive look and feel. It’s a strong, soft, fine and durable lace fabric. It is resilient and can be used to make clothes, towels, curtains etc

This interesting fabric has a loose weave, and can be used to create lightweight sheer curtains or tops, or even clothing and lingerie. The possibilities really are endless when using this exotic fabric. Black Stretch Lace Fabric is an elegant, smooth and soft fabric with a beautiful drape ideal for projects such as dressmaking and other garment construction.

Our stretch lace fabric is perfect for apparel, lingerie and bras. It features a firm hand with a drape that works well for tops, dresses and more. This beautiful stretch lace is perfect for clothing and fashion. It can also be used in theatrical productions, making costumes and more.

Textures of Black Stretch Lace Fabric

Silky smooth to the touch, this fabric features a gorgeous floral lace design on a black background. It has a soft drape and falls beautifully, making it ideal for dresses with detailed shoulders and armscyes. This black stretch lace fabric is perfect for making costumes, lingerie, bridal wear and prom dresses.

The intricate design is on both sides of the fabric, offering versatility when constructing garments. This craft lace fabric is perfect for apparel and home decor projects, as well as forming bows or embellishing jewelry or cosmetic packaging. This comfortable stretch lace fabric can be used for everyday looks or formal attire.

A black circular fabric made of a breathable and elastic material. This fabric is ideal for use in costumes, theater and dance productions. Black Stretch Lace Fabric is perfect for making skirts and tops with an accent of lace.

This fabric is an alternative to the traditional lace that, while still attractive and beautiful, is much more economical than traditional lace. Made from polyester and cotton, this fabric is durable, breathable and soft to the touch. Easily drape over curtains or border an ottoman or chair arm with this versatile fabric that can complement any decor throughout your home.

Black Stretch Lace Fabric, 100% Polyester is a lace fabric with a black color and composed of 100% Polyester. It is an affordable, stretchable, lightweight fabric that can be used for both your innerwear and outerwear designs. This fabric is a luxurious addition to any wardrobe. It can be used for stretchy dresses, skirts, or tops.

Black Stretch Lace Fabric is a perfect choice for your apparel and accessories. This fabric is made from 100% polyester, which makes it durable and easy to maintain. Black Stretch Lace Fabric, This fabric is made with 100% Polyester, there is no feathering and no bleeding, it is soft and comfortable to touch. It is suitable for making dresses, skirts and any other dress design.

This black stretch lace fabric is perfect for craft projects and apparel, crafts. It is a high quality fabric that does not have stretch and is matte-finished. Black stretch lace fabric is a perfect choice for lingerie making, especially for bridal dresses and tops. This soft, elastic fabric has a beautiful quality that gives it intricacy and style.

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