This black pleated satin fabric is a great addition to your home décor projects. Use it for curtains, bedding and other home decorating projects. This high-quality satin fabric comes in a variety of colors and is available by the yard, roll or half roll.

Black Pleated Satin Fabric is made from high quality satin that is lustrous and glossy with a smooth, silky feel. It features a high degree of dimensional stability, drapability and resilience which helps create attractive textures in the final product.

This black pleated satin fabric is a great choice for many different fashion projects, including skirts and dresses. It has a smooth texture that lends itself well to pleating, and also works well with other types of stitching. Make it yours today!

A crinkle pleated polyester satin fabric. It is durable, easy to wash and wrinkle resistant and has a high luster finish. Interested in how this fabric will look in your next design? We have it available by the yard in many different colors.

Black Pleated Satin Fabric is the all popular fabric by far. Satin fabrics are known for their high luster, sheen, smoothness and evenness of surface. There are many different qualities and grades of satin, but all have similar characteristics with regard to draping, trimming and general wear ability. Not just black; this fabric is available in any color you want!

Black Pleated Satin Fabric is a high quality fabric with satin sewn on to the top of the fabric, making it stiffer. Black pleated satin is ideal for cocktail dresses, bridal and party wear, evening gowns, evening dresses and other special occasion clothing.

Soft, smooth and lightweight, our Black Pleated Satin Fabric is a great choice for your next garment. Lightweight and breathable, this satin fabric is primarily used for dresses, skirts and formal evening gowns.

Black pleated satin fabric. This fabric is perfect for wedding dresses and prom dresses. The satin fabric is soft, lightweight and flows nicely. Black is a great color to add to any design. Make your own blouse, shirt or skirt today.

This black pleated satin fabric is a medium weight and made of 100% polyester. The subtle sheen makes it ideal for bridal, formalwear and evening wear designs. This fabric will not fray at the edges, making it highly durable and suitable for a variety of uses including drapes, tablecloths, quilts and linens.

Black Pleated Satin Fabric Wholesale Price

Black Pleated Satin Fabric is a lightweight fabric that drapes well and is soft to the touch. It’s perfect for home decorating and apparel. Black Pleated Satin Fabric, a versatile fabric that is lightweight, soft and silky! This beautiful fabric is perfect for any craft or sewing project such as party costumes, home decor accents, bags and pouches, table cloths. Featherweight.

Black Pleated Satin Fabric is a lightweight, soft and flowy fabric. This satin fabric is the perfect choice for evening gowns, dresses, blouses, skirts and many other garment creations.

Our Black Pleated Satin Fabric is the perfect modern fabric for creating elegant dresses and gowns. This satin is perfect for formal occasions or simply special events, available at a very low cost.

Pleated Satin Fabric Black best used for Formal Wear, Party Wear, Gowns and Bridal Dresses. Black Pleated Satin Fabric is a popular fabric for evening wear and cocktail dress. We offer a wide range of this material including different types of pleats and designs.

This Black Pleated Satin Fabric is pleated heavily to increase its surface area. It can be used in the creating of curtains, tablecloths and many other home décor items. Our Black Pleated Satin Fabric is the ideal fabric for your next project! This fabric is best suited for formal wear, such as suits and evening event dresses, but also works well in home decor projects. This fabric has a classic look with an elegant sheen and satin texture.

Black pleated satin fabric is gorgeous and versatile. You can use it for home decor, clothing and accessories, costumes, wedding gowns and more. This fabric is a must-have in your sewing stash!

A black satin fabric perfect for a variety of fashion applications including apparel and home decor. This satin fabric is soft and luxurious, with a smooth sheen. Use it for dresses and suits, or make an elegant fabric wrapped sofa or chair.

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