Black Clutch Purse with Strap

A History of Clutch Purses

Clutch purses have been around since 1920. Clutches came to be as a result of social class and sexism. During this period Clutch purses were specially designed for affluent women. Clutches were not meant for the working class women.  The clutch purse trend since 1920’s has progressed to the contemporary times. In 2021 and beyond, the clutch purse is an accessory women can’t do without. 

Clutch purses were predominantly used in the Victorian period. It was the purse women used to put their personal items such as handkerchiefs and smelling salts. The use of clutch purses by affluent women continued after the 2nd world war. Clutches were made of Bakelite, silk, satin, brocade; and so on. These purses were designed to suit women’s dresses and shoes. 

From Grammys to other red carpet events, we see celebrities slaying with their clutch purses in classy outfits. Clutches are in different  shapes and sizes. There are beaded purses, leather purses, sequin purses satin purses; and so on.

Clutches are must have because they bring out the elegance in dresses. Even the inexpensive purses give classic impeccable look. When it comes to maintenance, clutch purses are easy to maintain. Clutch purses can be carried gracefully up the armpit unlike a handbag that will make you feel heavy. Strap bags can cause back ache and create discomfort by moving it from one arm to another. 

Vintage Clutch Purses

Vintage brocade clutch purse

The vintage style will never go out of fashion. Contemporary dresses are best styled with vintage clutches. In order to get that sophisticated look, a touch of vintage will do just that. Let’s say that a purse from the classics adds a touch of elegance to a modern outfit. 

Believe it or not, most vintage purses from 
silk to brocade, chain or Bakelite and Lucite clutches; have stood the test of time and can be found at better vintage shops. These bags are even more durable than the modern clutches of today. As long as you look after them, you won’t be running back to get a new one soon. It is easy to get any Vintage clutch of your choice online. 

The Best Clutch Purses in 2021

From 2019-2021 the world is facing crisis that has changed the inspiration of fashion designers. The fashion trend of this period depicts the crisis going on in the world. Bottega Veneta depicted this in the launch of the fashion pillow clutch purse. 

Bottega Veneta Pouch

Bottega Veneta black pouch

Bottega Veneta’s pouch gained huge attention after its debut by award winning creative director; Daniel Lee. The bottega clutch is used by celebrities all over the world and classy women of our time. Bottega Veneta Clutch was reported to be the fastest selling pouch in history. This is applicable to Bottega shoes. 

Bottega Veneta black pouch

According to Olivia Singer, a British Vogue staff stated that the bottega pouch is her new friend “I got it as soon as I could get my hands on it, in black, It’s soft and squishy and worth every penny”. Olivia stated that it was her first pouch she carries everytime. Olivia also revealed that the pouch is roomy and equally, in these times of trouble, can double up as both a cuddly support mechanism and a travel pillow. 


The black clutch purses craving your attention are listed below; 

Black Braided Evening Clutch Purse
Black suede clutch purse with strap
Black Clutch Purse with strap
Judith Leiber Black Swarovski Crystal Minaudière Evening Clutch Purse

Women Envelop Clutch Purse
Dolce and Gabbana Clutch purse with Strap

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