100% cotton fabric by the yard. A versatile canvas for your sewing and crafting projects, our black fabric is ideal for home accents, quilting projects and garments. Our Black 100% Cotton Fabric by the Yard is soft and comfortable, ideal for creating the perfect accents on furniture, drapes and just about anywhere else you need a tailored touch.

100% Cotton fabric by the yard. Great for projects such as apparel, quilting, craft and home decor! 100% cotton, 52 inches wide. Fabric comes in one continuous piece.

Add a touch of sophistication to your interior decor with this manufactured by the yard fabric. Made from 100% cotton and offering a variety of finishes, you can create curtains, upholstery or pillows with easy care and durability.

This 100% cotton fabric is strong and durable, perfect for making clothing, drapery and upholstery. This fabric has a weave of 8 stitches per inch. The black color will make your project look professional and clean. If you are looking for a different color, you may visit our listing for any other fabric dimensions or colors.

Black 100% cotton fabric by the yard. This is a classic color, and it’s great for home décor projects, apparel, handbags and accessories. Black 100% Cotton Fabric by the yard. 100% cotton fabric by the yard for sale online at wholesale prices. The swatches are 5” x 5” (13cm x 13cm).

Black 100% Cotton Fabric by the yard is a classic, durable fabric. This lightweight, tightly woven cotton fabric has a smooth surface and is used in a wide variety of applications including apparel, home decor and crafts. Extremely durable and easy to work with, this fabric is a perfect choice for projects that will see a lot of wear and tear.

100% Cotton Fabric by the yard for quilting, apparel and home decorating. Our fabrics are machine washable and dry cleanable which makes them easy to care for. This fabric is soft, durable, easy to work with and has a wonderful colorfast quality to it. Made from 100% cotton fibers that are spun in high quality combed yarns.

This 100% densely-woven cotton fabric is perfect for home decor, apparel, and drapery. The low bulk density allows for ease of drape and workability, while the black color adds a sophisticated touch to any project.

Best Black 100% Cotton Fabric

This is a great choice for your home decor, crafts and other uses. It can be used for curtains and drapes, table cloths, quilting and apparel. 100% cotton fabric is durable enough to wear whenever you need it to be!

This Black 100% Cotton Fabric by the yard is a great choice for your next sewing project! This product is made of high quality cotton, and it may be washed at home or dry cleaned. It has a special treatment that makes its color rich and easy to dye.

This black 100% cotton fabric is perfect for adding a splash of elegance to your home decor and crafting projects. It can be used to make aprons, tablecloths, curtains, handkerchiefs and more. This wholesale fabric arrives on a bolt and measures 44in x 56in. 100% cotton fabric by the yard, black. Each piece is 40″ wide and sold by the yard (36″ in length). Fabric quality is a grade above seconds.

Make the most of your sewing space with this black 100% Cotton fabric. Ideal for apparel and home decor projects, this fabric is versatile, durable, and easy to clean. This black 100% cotton fabric is great for making dresses, decor, and more. It’s made of a high quality poly/cotton blend and comes in a variety of colors.

Black 100% Cotton Fabric by the yard in various widths and lengths. This fabric is used as a base fabric for many quilting projects such as patchwork, printed fabrics, needle punch embroidery and appliqué. You can also use it to create garments and to make bags or table covers.

This All-purpose weave is an excellent choice for draperies and upholstery projects. Constructed from 100% cotton, it is machine washable and easy to care for. You will love the comfortable feel of this soft fabric.

Our Black 100% Cotton Fabric by the yard is an easy way to create drapes, grommet curtains, or any type of window covering. You can make a custom curtain that fits your exact measurements by using our handy measuring guide or simply sew with the 60″ wide fabric.

This high-quality black 100% cotton fabric is a wonderful addition to any sewing or craft project. The 1/2″ wide fabric is perfect for making lovely clothing and accessories such as hats, dresses, shirts, bags, and more. This fabric can also be used for quilting and dressmaking projects for any occasion.

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