Weight loss is a big problem today. Many people are trying hard to lose their weight but it seems impossible for them. They try different methods and diets but nothing works for them. You can lose your weight by doing proper exercises and dieting. There are many ways to lose weight but workouts are the best way to get rid of fat fast.

If you want to lose weight fast then you have to do workouts regularly. A proper workout will help you burn calories which is the main reason behind weight loss. It also improves your cardiovascular system and makes you feel energetic all day long.

When it comes to losing weight, people usually focus on cardio exercises such as running and cycling because they think that these exercises will help them burn more calories than strength training or resistance training. However, studies show that strength training burns more calories than cardio exercises which means that if you want to lose weight fast then you should include strength training in your daily routine along with cardio exercises like running or cycling.

Best Tyre Workout For Weight Loss

Tyre workout: An effective & fun way to shape full body

You have probably seen celebs working out with giant tyres and you may have thought about giving them a try, but not known where to begin. Well, all your questions answered below

Q: How is a tyre workout helpful in body conditioning, muscle building and losing weight effectively?

A: Tyre workout is a great form of workout to build strength, condition your body and losing weight effectively. The great thing about the tyre is that it keeps the heart rate high. The tyre is a great way to shock your body and stimulate some new muscle growth by doing a new activity!

Tyre workout may look super easy but actually requires muscular strength. According to experts, beginning with a car tyre is better to avoid any sudden injury. Gradually, shift to a bus tyre and extremely advanced levels can go for tractor tyre.

This work out provides a high level of metabolic output as well as physical and mental stressors. You simply work more muscles at the same time, all while using cardiovascular output. The mathematics behind the flip can be somewhat complicated, but the maths has also proven that the body uses more energy flipping than several other workouts. In a shorter amount of time.

Some of the exercises which prove that tyre workout is strongly for body conditioning; muscle building and weight loss workout are explained below.

1. Tyre Dragging

This is the purest tyre sledge exercise you can use to crush your legs and build insane levels of conditioning.

2. Broad Jump Over tyre

This is a great exercise to develop explosive power and improve the fast-twitch muscle fibre reaction; it helps to lose weight and it requires your leg and core muscles to quickly contract to create maximum force with each jump.

3. Lateral movements jump

This exercise develops power and agility through explosiveness while improving strength in your lower body (hip abductors, adductors) and stability in your ankles, hips, and knees. Performing a lateral jump includes squatting, a great lower-body and core exercise for body conditioning.

 4. Reverse Tyre Drag

If you’re looking for a great way to crush your quad muscles and build some sick new muscle size in the front of your legs, the reverse tyre pull will deliver big results!

 5. Pop squats

Target your hamstrings, quads, glutes and core. While doing at a fast pace you`ll improve cardiovascular endurance. This helps to lose weight fast and conditions the body.

6. Tyre flips

It covers all the bases—your core, back, legs, arms, and shoulders. This workout helps to build muscle, condition the body and also in weight loss and strengthen the muscles

7. Tyre pushes (partner exercise)

This movement engages your chest as you push, and your arms as you receive the tyre from your partner. You also get strong legs and core while withstanding the weight of the tyre. This is a fun way to work on your upper-body strength.

Q: What are the various type of tyre workout?

A: There are so many tyre workouts, I am explaining few beginners to advanced levels of workout.

Small light weighted car tyre workout for beginners

1. Overhead tyre squats-muscle worked -shoulders, arms, core and legs, which makes this a full-body exercise.

How to do it:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with the tyre resting on your shoulders. Bend your knees as you hinge your hips and sit back, keeping your chest forward and head up. Straighten your legs and arms simultaneously, pressing the tyre above your head.

2. Tyre slam -Muscles worked – arms, core and legs. Raise tyre above head and slam down in front of you as hard as possible.

It is a great full-body workout.

How to do it:

From a squat position, use both hands to grab the tyre. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart with the tyre vertically in front. With your back straight, raise the tyre in front of you then over your head as you stand up. Then slam the tyre with force. Grab the tyre once more with both hands as you squat down and repeat the process.

3. Wide leg tyre swing-

How to do it:

Pick up the tyre and swing it between your legs up to the height of your chest.

4. Tyre jumping jacks– whole body workout

How to do it:

Stick your head through the tyre with your hands grasping the edge. Lift the tyre up when you jump your legs apart.

5. Tyre lunge and twist -strengthen your core and workout for lower body-

Stand straight with your legs shoulder-width apart, holding the tyre in front of your chest. Step forward with your right leg and twist toward your right side with the tyre. Make sure that your right knee is at a 90-degree angle and that it stays directly over your right ankle. Repeating on the left leg and twisting in opposite direction.

6. Abs/tyre Roll– main muscle – Core

How to do it:

Get the knees on the floor and roll the tyre away as far as you can without falling on your face then roll it back again. Once the tyre rolls all the way to you, push it back and repeat.

 I love this movement because it challenges you to move quickly and efficiently while working your grip strength and core.

7. Lateral Jumps around the Tyre.-

This move gets your heart rate going without putting too much pressure on your joints. “Do lateral jumps from one outside part of the tyre, into the inner hole of the tyre, and then out to the other outside part of the tyre,” says Gahanna. It’s also easy to do this one in a smaller space, and it can give your arms a rest between other tyre exercises.

8. Single Leg Tyre Jumps.

Start with standing on one foot and explode up onto the tyre, landing on a single leg. Either jump down or step down, depending on your activity level and joints. Switch legs each time. This move works the legs and helps with balance.

Truck tyre or tractor tyre Exercises for medium to advanced people or athletes

1. Tyre Flipping

 Flip any tyre (bus or truck tyre)

Back straight. Squat, lift from underneath, lift with legs and flip the tyre over!

o   Squat down and grab the base (or the side handles if you use an Escape TYRE).

o   Maintain a neutral spine. Keep the chest up and flip the tyre.

The movements offer a tremendous, full-body workout. This is one of the best exercises for athletes such as football linemen, wrestlers, and others who need to exert force quickly to move heavy opponents.

2. Leg Press – any tyre – this exercise is for tight butts and tone legs.

o   Lay on the floor with the tyre being used ‘standing up’ on its side.

o   Lift your feet and ask a partner to lower the tyre onto the base of your feet. Perform a leg press with the tyre, keeping the glutes and abs strong.

3: Overhead tyre sledgehammer swing.-

Place the truck or tractor tyre in front of you. Using both hands, bring the sledgehammer directly over your head and swing straight down to the tyre. Make sure to brace your abs tightly as you perform this exercise.

Muscles that benefit from swinging the sledgehammer tyre are the abdominals, superficial and deep upper and lower back muscles, spine and trunk rotators, lateral flexors, backside, thigh and calves (whole body).

4: Truck/ tractor tyre Farmers Walk

This workout tones your legs and increases the fitness level.

Standing in the centre of your truck tyre, grip the upper rim either side or lift the tyre.

Keeping your arms straight, drop into a semi-squat to perfectly load your legs and start walking down the track. Keep your core activated and chest up.

Q: What is the amount of calories that are burnt in a particular tyre workout session?

A: 30 minutes of tyre workout burns approximately 500 to 600 calories.

Calories burns also depend on the person weight and height. Different weight and height persons burn different calories.

Q: What is the care that an individual should take before undertaking the tyre workout?

A: This exercise could be a very good variation and a great tool for improving strength and conditioning. A lot of elite coaches make it a staple strength and conditioning exercise for athletes. But you aren`t an elite athlete. Your goal is fat loss, not getting better at flipping tyres with bad form. Stick to the big basic lifts and master the form first. When you think you have developed solid lower back strength, then you should attempt tyre flips.

Q: Who should not opt for such a workout session?

Answer: People who have never strength-trained in their lives suggested are strongly suggested that beginners have no business performing the tyre flip.

Some inexperienced Trainers often recommend this exercise to beginners, especially the overweight ones thinking that it`ll burn some extra calories. This is completely idiotic. The issue with beginners is that their lower back muscles are usually not strong enough to make bear heavy loads. In a nutshell, this exercise is NOT for beginners!

Q: Any other advice that you would like to share?

A: I want to advice when to start tyre training and at what kg tyre is suitable for a particular person or group of person.

1. 40kg TYRE – This is a great starting point for those who are brand new to training with tyres. Its smaller size is easily manageable and it’s light enough for almost anyone to flip and press. More advanced athletes can use this TYRE for speed and cardio training, as well as for warming up before a heavier session.

2. 60kg TYRE – The 60kg TYRE is excellent for members to progress. This TYRE packs a punch when it comes to pushes and pulls and provides an extra challenge when novices have got to grips with the 40kg option. It’s also a good TYRE for partner exercises as it’s generally manageable for a range of abilities.

3. 80kg TYRE – Now things are getting heavy. The 80kg TYRE provides an excellent challenge, even for flips for accomplished athletes and fitness fans. Base a strength session around this TYRE for extra gains or use it for competitions to excite members.

4. 100kg TYRE – The new one, the big one! This brand new addition to the Escape TYRE range will allow your serious members the chance to build on their impressive strength. Ensure the correct technique (chest up, glutes and core strength, back neutral) to avoid injuries and flip away

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