Are you looking for best stones for engagement rings? Pick a lovely colored engagement ring that befits a princess. However, don’t pick gemstones dependent on beauty. Rather, You should think about different qualities, such as a jewel’s hardness and comfortability, clearness and longevity.

Below are 6 colored jewels that will give you the perfect engagement ring list you need to consider. They have a perfect astounding jewelry properties with excellent tones, and durability. From the list of engagement rings below , you’ll absolutely discover the best stones for engagement Rings.

Emerald Stone Engagement Ring

Emeralds stone jewelry is one of the best choices for an engagement ring. It is referred as the “gem of lords.” This Prescious jewelry was Cleopatra’s best in her time. Emeralds come in lovely green shades from light to dark colour.

Amethyst Stone Engagement Ring

Amethyst Engagement rings have been the center for love for centuries. Egypt over the years wear rings on the third finger of the left hand to identify where the “vein of love” is to the heart, which is a beginning of a custom that proceeds from generations. Amethyst ring is used to profess love to your partner. The ring is a unique way to begin your family tradition because it is passed from one generation to another. The major factor to consider when looking for Amethyst Engagement Rings is the quality of the middle stone. Amethyst Engagement Rings are suitable for couples who share an unbroken bond.

Garnet Stone Engagement Ring

Garnet stone engagement ring is commonly associated with red, garnet gems come in more colors than perhaps any other gem species. (In fact, garnet is a family of gems, like tourmaline, and includes many different species). You can also find white, brown, orange, yellow, green, purple, and even very rare color change stones. Garnet species range from a 6.5 to 7.5 hardness and have no cleavage. Whether cut as cushions, hearts, or rounds, they make excellent engagement ring stones.

Very Uncommon, green demantoid garnets are exceptionally valued. They are more prominent than other precious stones. Tsavorite garnets show an emerald-like tone. In any case, they are more durable than emeralds. In more modest sizes. Additionally, they are fashion statement gemstones

Aquamarines Stone Engagement Ring

This engagement ring has a light blue shade. Aquamarine engagement Ring is dream wedding band for classy women. Aquamarine is lovely on its own but a touch of Diamond around the cut makes a great difference. Just like emeralds, aquamarines is part of the beryl jewelry family. They are exceptionally hard of about 7.5 to 8. Furthermore, aquamarines are more durable than emerald and does not need unnecessary cleaning and maintenance.

Sapphires Stone Engagement Ring

Sapphire engagement ring is associated with the bourgeois and royals. This is evident as we witnessed Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, who revived a sapphire engagement ring that formally belonged to Princess Diana from her husband; Prince William. Sapphire hardness is about 9 which makes them one of the hardest Prescious stones in history. Sapphires are beautiful and a top choice for an engagement ring. However, Sapphires are one of the top engagement rings desired by wealthy couples in the world.

Citrine Stone Engagement Ring

Recently, Citrine is a highly sort after engagement ring. Its shades are in light, lemony yellow gold, champagne and brown. Citrines displays charming colours of orange with red flashes which draws attention to couples and also goes for a very high bid. Citrines are known for its durability with all natural qualities of quartz just like amethyst. I highly recommend citrine for today couples.

Colored Diamond Engagement Ring

colored diamond over time have the most enviable properties that help make them the top-selling gemstone for engagement rings in the world. With a 10% hardness, diamonds is the most durable stone in history of stones. This makes Diamond the best choice of engagement Rings for the few who can afford it. They likewise have unprecedented brilliance and dispersion, the ability to transform white light into blazes of color, not the less, there are other genes tones that stand out as well

Around 1 of every 10,000 diamonds displays normal tone. Those with the most extreme tones are valued all the more profoundly and, along these lines, cost more. Colored precious stone choices incorporate strong canary yellow, shimmering pink, pastel green, eye-getting black, and champagne. Pink diamonds rank among the most costly.

Ruby Stone Engagement Ring

Ruby engagement ring is one of the best stone jewelry you can get. Rubies are in high demand and a type of corundum while other shades
of corundum are known as sapphires. Rubies are as strong as sapphires although ruby gets more treatments and enhancements than sapphire. The most desirable ruby engagement Ring is the pigeon blood red ruby which is a bit purplish red with a mild dark tone and bright saturation.

Ruby engagement ring is a symbol of love between a man and a woman. However, ruby engagement rings sir choice for engagement rings. A centerpiece ruby encircled with diamonds is the best choice of engagement ring this season.

Opal Stone Engagement Ring

Steal the moment this season by going for a unique Opal engagement ring. This ring is a beauty to behold. Opals have a distinctive gemstone quality described as play of color. Opals are unique because of its multi-colored nature which shimmers around the surface of the Prescious stone. Opal engagement rings are known to display various vivid colors with unique patterns you can’t get in other gemstones. Opal engagement Rings are measured with a different rating system from other Prescious Stone engagement rings.

In terms of maintenance, Opals require special care among other Prescious stone. The reason for this is that Opals have a low hardness of about 5.5-6.5. This low level of harness exposes the gene stone to which makes them very susceptible to scratching. They are also sensitive to changes in temperature. It has been recorded that Opals have a tendency of cracking if moved from a warm temperature to a cold temperature. This is because Opal gemstone contain a high level of water which means that if it looses water, they can crack.

This is why Opal am Stone lovers should learn how to clean and keep this Prescious stone to achieve longevity. Opals as ring stones will need protective settings, such as bezels, with metal covering the edges of the stone.

Tourmaline Stone Engagement Ring

Tourmaline jewelry is made up of different gems in lovely colours. For instance; Just like you like quartz, Tourmalines have a hardness of 7 and no cleavage. Making a choice of the stones are not easy as you think. All tourmalines have a glassy radiance. This implies their surfaces look like glass when light hits them. A few type additionally changes it’s tones under various light sources, and others show a feline’s eye optical impact known as chatoyancy.

The best tourmalines are;

Green or verdelite tourmalines

Chrome tourmalines

Rubellite tourmalines (excellent raspberry red to dark red pearls).

Blue or indicolite tourmalines and

Paraíba tourmalines, uncommon and costly, nearly neon blue tourmalines, colored by copper.

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