Weddings are one of those rare occasions that demand months-long of planning and one that can potentially break the bank. There are dresses to think of as well as flower arrangements, party needs, invitations and so much more. According to the 2012 American Wedding Study, 18 percent of brides purchase their dresses online. That’s not such a surprise when you consider that 59 percent of brides find inspiration for their wedding dress from Pinterest.

Online shopping provides relief with one-stop wedding stores for all your wedding needs. The online stores and retailers below have almost everything a bride and groom could need and want for their big day.

List of Online Wedding Stores

1. House of Brides

This online wedding store has everything that a bride could want. House of Brides has a number of wedding dresses in many different colors and designs. They carry traditional white dresses and some modern takes on classic wedding dresses.

In addition to the dress for the bride, this online wedding store has many different styles and designs for the bridesmaids as well as for the mother of the bride. There are even some cute dresses for the flower girl to wear. There are a number of different headpieces as well as veils to select from. There are even shoes that can be worn at the wedding. These dresses and even shoes come in a number of sizes.

A woman can shop based on the color, and style of dress she is looking for, and the category that it fits into. There are a number of accessories as well including sashes, camisoles, and garters. At this online store, all of the wedding items are reasonably priced.

2. Amazon

This is the number one online retailer in the world and they have a large selection of wedding items for sale. Amazon is one of the top shops for weddings. They have everything from books such as how to plan a wedding and guides for couples. This online store has a number of different wedding decorations.

They have lights, party favors, stickers, and just about everything else a person can want for their wedding. There are also gifts for Mr. and Mrs. A woman who can get her bridal shoes on this site. There are plenty of items to select for wedding favors including wedding-themed bubbles and candy. A man can even get an engagement ring on Amazon and the couple can purchase their wedding rings on this site as well.

3. The Wedding Outlet

The Wedding Outlet has everything a couple needs in order to get everything they need for their wedding. The bride can shop for this online store and find the dress of her dreams. She can also find dresses for the bridesmaids. This online store has a number of different wedding decorations and themes that a couple can get.

There are hearts, decorative items, special wedding balloons, and just about everything else they can want. A couple can even get a topper for their wedding cake on this site. This site allows the couple to the items they need at reduced prices as well.

4. Wedding Star

Wedding Star has one of the largest selections for reception and venue decorations. There are balloons, table centerpieces, and items that can be used to hang on the walls. They have ceremony accessories including unique jewelry that the bride can wear. There is a large selection of wedding favors.

They have everything from bubbles to wine bottle labels and they all can be customized. There is wedding stationery such as magnets and other items that can be used to send out invitations to the big event.

5. Azazie

Azazie will help a bride find the perfect look for her bridesmaids. There are many different dresses and they come in any color that the bride may be looking for. She can also select from different lengths as well as different fabrics. The bridesmaids can order three sample dresses that are shipped to their homes so they can try them on before making a purchase.

This will allow them to find the correct size. This site is not just for the bridesmaids. The bride can shop for her bridal gown. There are a number of different designs, lengths, and even colors to choose from. There is still a large selection of classic white bridal gowns. She can also have the dresses shipped to her home so she can try them on and find the perfect fit.

6. Bella Belle

Bella Belle is a great shop for the pride that is looking for wedding shoes. They have a number of great white wedding shoes but there are some new styles and designs as well. This online store sells flats and high heels. They also have sandals for warm weddings as well as beach weddings. There are even shoes that are made by hand with each decoration sewn on.

7. Beloved Vintage Bridal

Beloved Vintage Bridal is great for brides that love the vintage look. There are a number of wedding dresses that were designed with a vintage look in mind. There are styles of wedding gowns that were popular from the 1920s to the 1970s. This online wedding store even has some vintage-inspired custom jewelry that will complement the look of wedding dresses.

8. Afloral

This is one of the best online stores to get flower arrangements made for the wedding. Afloral has a number of different colored silk flowers. Each flower arrangement will come with a vase or other decorative vessel. This is great for setting up table decorations during the reception. These flowers will look great.

There are a number of online tutorials that can be used for inspiration. Some couples may feel hesitant about using silk flowers but this store will show them that these flowers can look great. These flowers are high quality and from the first look, no one will be able to tell that they are not real flowers.

9. The Garter Girl

The Garter Girl has a number of garters to select from. A bride can even have one custom-made with the colors that she likes. There are matching sets sold here as well. there is a large selection and the garter is very important for the wedding dress.

10. Weddington Way

Weddington Way has everything that the bride, groom, and the wedding party needs in order to be ready for the wedding. There are a number of bridesmaid dresses. There are all different kinds of styles and designs. This site has a unique offer for bridesmaids. There is a section of rental bridesmaids’ gowns that can be rented for the wedding and then returned.

This site has dresses for the flower girl. They come in a number of different girls’ sizes and there are many pretty dresses to select from. The groom and his party can find the tuxedo style that they like on this site. They are able to rent the tux out for the wedding and will send them back when they are done. In addition to clothing, there are a number of accessories that will go along with the wedding dresses.

This includes accessories for their hair and related items. There are a number of bridesmaid’s gifts on this site as well. They can be personalized for each member of the party. There are some great features that this site has to offer. The couple can create an account and add dresses to the showroom. The bridesmaids can then go to the showroom and comment on the dresses or like them. This will allow them to give input on what they like and what they think will look good for the wedding.

11. Whisker Graphics

The bride and the groom are going to need to send out wedding invitations, and thank you cards, and they can even label the seating arrangement. Whisker Graphics has a number of designs and the couple can personalize these items. They can select from many different colors as well as personalized packaging.

12. Plum Pretty Sugar

When the bride and the bridesmaids are getting their hair and makeup done they need to have something on. They should not wear their dresses as these can get dirty. Plum Pretty Sugar sells a number of robes that can be worn while the wedding party is getting ready. There are also gifts for the bridesmaids including totes where they can keep everything.

13. Fritts Rosenow

The groom and his party often wear boutonnieres on their tuxedoes. Fritts Rosenow has a number of unique boutonnieres to add some variety to the traditional flower design. The groom and his men can wear boutonnieres that feature superheroes, mini paintings, and a number of other things. There are many different designs to choose from with the approval of the bride of course.

14. Jamali Garden

Jamali Garden is the perfect to find wedding decorations. They have a number of lanterns, vases, lights, and other items that can be used to decorate the reception hall.

15. Nearly Newlywed

Shopping for a wedding dress is exciting and stressful. There are wedding dresses that cost thousands of dollars. Now a bride can save some money by shopping on this site. Nearly Newlywed online wedding store has a number of wedding dresses that are new or gently used that other brides are looking to sell. Before being posted on this site all the dresses are carefully inspected and they are authenticated.

16. Olivia Couture

Everyone will be looking at the bride on her wedding day so in addition to having a beautiful dress, her hair and makeup need to be flawless. Olivia Couture has a large selection of hair accessories including clips and jeweled headpieces. There are also some sashes that can be worn with a wedding dress.

17. Ellie’s Bridal

Choosing the theme and the décor style for the wedding is a big decision. This will set the tone for the styles that the wedding party will wear and the colors that will be used. Ellie’s Bridal will help a couple decide on the décor design they want for their wedding. There are hundreds of different designs to browse. Once a couple finds something that they like they can get all of the products that they need from invitations to decorations.

18. The Bouqs

It is important to have flowers at the wedding and The Bouqs has a number of fresh flowers that can be shipped right to the home or the reception hall. These flowers are eco-friendly meaning they were not grown using fertilizers or chemicals. They will come fresh. This is great for a couple that does not need too many flowers or those that want to design their own bouquets.

19. The Tie Shop

The groom and the groomsmen are going to need to wear a tie with their tuxedos. The Tie Shop has a number of specialty ties. They come in many different colors and designs. There are even lapel flowers that can be ordered from this shop.

20. Simply Bridal

The name of this online bridal shop says it all. There are a number of dresses to select from for the bride and the bridesmaids. Simply Bridal has these dresses priced at a discount and many of them are under $300.

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