A post-surgery shoe should be comfortable and supportive. The best shoes for post ankle surgery will have a wide toe box, a low heel, and a flexible sole. You should be able to walk without pain or difficulty in the shoe. Make sure the shoe has a removable insole so your podiatrist can insert a custom insole that supports your foot while being comfortable enough to wear all day. Read more about the podiatrist recommended shoes for ankle support and supportive shoes for broken ankle below.

If you’ve recently undergone surgery in your ankle, you’ll know how difficult it can be to find shoes that fit properly. If you’re like most people, you’ll have trouble finding shoes that are both supportive and comfortable, and that’s why we’re here to help!

We’ve scoured the web for the best post-ankle surgery shoes on the market today. Our list includes a wide range of options—from slippers to sandals to sneakers—so no matter what type of shoe you like to wear, there’s something here for you. Not only will these shoes help with healing, they’ll make your life easier while you’re still recovering from surgery.

If you’ve been looking for something stylish and supportive but haven’t had much luck finding what you’re looking for in stores, this list is for you! We know how hard it is to find the right fit when it comes to post-surgery footwear, so we’ve done all of the hard work for you by compiling this comprehensive list of shoes that are perfect for anyone who has undergone ankle surgery or who is recovering from ankle injuries

The best shoes for post ankle surgery are:

Low heel – A low heel allows you to maintain balance while walking. You will not have to rely on your toes as much to support your weight and balance.

Wide toe box – A wide toe box will allow room for swelling and bruising of the toes and feet after surgery. This ensures that your feet can move freely without feeling constricted or pinched by the shoe’s design.

Flexible sole – A flexible sole allows you to bend easily at the ankle joint without feeling any pressure on the wound site or incision line from moving too far out of alignment with each other during movement of your foot inside of the shoe.

Best Shoes For Post Ankle Surgery

Shoes play a substantial part in the healing of an injured ankle. Many patients suffering from ankle sprain and injury need to take pain relievers and other medications to ease the swelling. During this time, wearing the right footwear is extremely important as any wrong step can make it more complicated. An inappropriate shoe while recovering from an injury can slow down the healing process and even lead to complicated situations such as post-op infections.

When you suffer an ankle break or surgery, wearing the right shoes is imperative to your recovery. You want to ensure a speedy recovery by helping facilitate bone growth, reduce swelling and speed up your return to normal activities.

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Best Shoes for After Ankle Surgery

If you’re recovering from ankle surgery, you’ll want to choose shoes that are comfortable and supportive.

Here are some tips for choosing the best shoes for after ankle surgery:

Dress shoes after ankle surgery. Choose dress shoes with a wide toe box and low heel, like lace-up oxfords or loafers. You should also wear thin socks with these types of shoes.

Sandals after ankle surgery. Sandals are another option for people who have had an ankle fusion or fracture repair. Make sure to select a pair with plenty of room in the toe area so that your foot can move around easily.

Birkenstocks after ankle surgery. Birkenstocks are another popular choice among people recovering from an injury or surgery because they provide comfort and support while still allowing your feet to breathe during exercise sessions and everyday activities. Birkenstocks come in many different styles, so it’s easy to find ones that match your personal taste and style preferences.

11 Best Shoes to Wear After An Ankle Surgery With Reviews

podiatrist recommended shoes for ankle support

As you recover from ankle surgery, you want to wear comfortable shoes that are easy to put on and take off. Your doctor may also have specific recommendations about your footwear.

Here are some tips on the best shoes to wear after ankle surgery:

Dress shoes after ankle surgery

If you need to dress up for work or a special event, you can still wear dressy pumps if they have low heels and a wide toe box. Make sure that the heel is not too high or too low. A platform shoe with a slight wedge can be very comfortable as well.

Best Shoes to Wear After Ankle Surgery in 2022 (Hurry!)

Birkenstocks after ankle surgery

If you’re looking for a casual shoe that’s also comfortable, Birkenstocks may be a good choice. The brand offers several styles of sandals that are perfect for summertime wear. Just make sure that your Birks fit properly before you buy them — many people find these shoes run small or narrow in some cases.

A dress shoe is a good choice for after ankle surgery. Dress shoes are typically flat and don’t have much of a heel, so they won’t put too much pressure on the foot or ankle. The height of the heel isn’t important as long as it’s not extremely high. You can also try sandals or flip-flops if you want to wear something more casual.

Sandals After Ankle Surgery

When it comes to sandals, anything goes! Sandals like flip flops, slides, and Birkenstocks are great options for after ankle surgery because they provide support without sacrificing comfort. In fact, some people may be able to go barefoot with these types of sandals since they don’t rely on straps or buckles to stay on. You may want to wear socks with them just in case you step in something gross though!

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Ankle Surgery Recovery: Everything You Need to Know

The best shoes for after ankle surgery will depend on what type of surgery you had. If you had a fracture that required surgery, your doctor may have told you to stay off your feet and rest.

If this is the case, then you’ll want to wear sandals or dress shoes that have straps and can be easily slipped on and off with one hand. Birkenstock sandals are a good choice because they have wide toe boxes that provide lots of room for swelling in the feet and ankles. They also have adjustable ankle straps so they won’t fall off when you walk.

If you had an ankle fusion or other procedure where your doctor didn’t want you walking on the injured foot for several weeks, then it’s important to choose comfortable flats that don’t rub against your ankles or heels when walking.

You’ve had ankle surgery and now you’re trying to figure out what shoes to wear.

This can be a tricky question to answer. After all, you don’t want to put too much pressure on the healing ankle and foot, but you also want to be able to walk comfortably and safely.

In this article, we’ll review some of the best shoes for after ankle surgery and discuss how to choose the right pair. We’ll share some tips on how to walk in them and how often you need to switch out your shoes.

The 11 Best Ankle Support Shoes of 2022, According to a Running Coach

After ankle surgery, your doctor may recommend that you wear a special shoe to help protect the incision and support your foot as you begin walking again. Wearing an appropriate shoe can help prevent complications such as excessive swelling, pain or bleeding.

In general, you should choose shoes with either a thick sole or one that comes up high around the ankle. This will help protect the incision site and reduce pressure on it. Your doctor may also recommend a shoe with an adjustable strap to help keep the foot secure in place and prevent strain on the joint.

Here are some of the best shoes for after ankle surgery:

Dress Shoes After Ankle Surgery

Dress shoes are a good choice when you’re recovering from ankle surgery because they expose less of your foot than casual sneakers or athletic shoes do. If you have an open wound on your ankle, dress shoes will also keep dirt and germs out of it while you’re healing.

Sandals After Ankle Surgery

Sandals work well for most people who’ve had surgery on their ankles because they allow your feet to breathe while providing a bit of support at the same time (especially if they come up high enough around your ankles). 

supportive shoes for broken ankle


Supportive shoes for broken ankle are essential for the recovery of your foot, ankle, and leg. A good pair of supportive shoes for a broken ankle will give you the necessary support to help prevent further injury. They can also help in the healing process.

There are three main types of supportive shoes for a broken ankle:

-Custom molded insoles – These are designed specifically for your foot and fit inside your shoe. They provide extra cushioning and support around the heel, arch, and ball of your foot as well as additional support for your ankles and knees.

-Foot braces/splints – These are used to immobilize certain joints in order to prevent them from moving (such as an ankle brace). They are generally made out of plastic or metal with Velcro straps that wrap around your leg or foot to hold it still while healing occurs beneath it (you’ll need someone else’s help putting these on).

-Orthopedic sneakers – These sneakers have built-in orthotic inserts that provide extra cushioning or stability where needed most on top of an already supportive sole design that helps distribute weight evenly across all areas where pressure is applied during walking (such as flat feet or high arches).

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