Best Shoes For p90x

It’s a fact: You can’t do P90X without shoes. In fact, Tony Horton, creator of the workout program, even says so on his website.

The problem is that the best shoes for P90X aren’t necessarily going to be the best shoes for you. That’s because P90X is a high-intensity workout that requires a ton of jumping, running and kicking — all of which can put some serious stress on your ankles and knees if you don’t have proper footwear.

As such, we’ve compiled this list of the best shoes for P90X by working with experts in sports medicine and fitness who know what it takes to perform at an optimal level during this intense workout program. Here are their recommendations:

Best Shoes For p90x

In case you neglect this fact, doing insanity in the wrong footwear, an unecessary toll on your body can be taken over time. That’s why the right shoes to wear during any of workouts mentioned above, is an issue of great importance.

Great news: best shoes for high-intensity workout really exist these days. So, don’t waste time, look into our gallery and treat your body with best shoes for insanity, T25 and P90X3 in 2018.

Best Cross Trainer Shoes For Insanity Workout Reviews:

1. Reebok CrossFit Speed TR Training Shoe

Reebok CrossFit Speed TR Training ShoeReebok CrossFit Speed TR Training Shoe

Reebok CrossFit Speed TR Training Shoe is perfect for different insanity programs, as it features exceptional soft compression and secure, supportive fit.

Besides, this Reebok’s model was specifically designed for jumping and running WODs, so that response with each step is guaranteed.

This cross-trainer will definitely prevent you from overloads and injuries, which are likely to happen during such intensive and fast workouts.


  • Breathable ultra-light support frame.
  • Enhanced stability: due to Metasplit flex grooves.
  • Super-soft shock absorption and cushioning thanks to special foam in the midsole – perfect for T25 and P90X3 workouts.
  • EVA shank for extra durability during the rope climbs.
  • Lightweight.


  • Roomy toe box.
  • Wear out rather quickly in case of a constant use.

2. ASICS Met-Conviction Cross-Trainer Shoe

ASICS Met-Conviction Cross-Trainer Shoe

For those, who prefer maximally natural feel when doing insanity or T25 workout, or even barefoot experience, such minimalist shoes from ASICS will come in handy for sure! They fit like a glove, still allowing your feet moving as naturally as possible.

And all that works without sacrificing shock-absorption and decent support, which are essentials of Shaun’s routines at the very edge of your capacity..


  • Super lightweight and breathable upper.
  • Responsive cushioning: SpEVA foam midsole material and well-padded ComforDry sockliner.
  • Seamless lining for soft comfort.
  • Has a comfy pocket for tucking away the laces.
  • Durable ASICS High Abrasion Rubber, strategically placed in critical areas of the outsole.
  • Reinforced vamp.
  • Budget-friendly price.



  • Not true to size (order at least half size up).
  • There were issues with soles peeling off after some months.

3. Inov-8 F-Lite 235 Cross Training Shoes

Inov-8 F-Lite 235 Cross Training Shoes

Incredibly versatile, breathable, responsive, and even pretty at the same time – the second version of Inov-8 F-Lite 235 cross-trainer is the right shoe to wear for a crazy 25-minute insanity workout.

It’s meant to keep your feet dry and odor-free, help you doing exercises due to the responsive midsole, and prevent you from injuries and blisters even if wearing them without socks.


  • True to size.
  • Versatility.
  • Removable insole.
  • Proper cushioning.
  • Natural flexibility (Meta-Flex grooves and geometric outsole).
  • Super lightweight.
  • Zero drop platform for better exercise posture
  • Sticky rubber outsole for maximum grip and traction.


  • Not available for wide feet.
  • Suits for indoor workouts rather than outdoor.
  • Lack of ankle support.

Best Shoes For Insanity Workout Flat Feet

4. Reebok Crossfit Nano 7.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe 

Reebok Crossfit Nano 7.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe 

Reebok’s best shoe family – the Nanos – are not only a champion among CrossFit shoes, but also an ideal variant for doing rigorous routines like Shaun T’s T25 and Horton’s P90X3.

Moreover, these sports shoes are ideal even for flat-footed sportsmen, who wanna challenge themselves in such exhausting insanity workouts.

Initially, the model was shaped anatomically to fit properly, and every next generation of Nanos only improves the performance.

So, it’s not a secret that the 7th version of world-known Reebok Nanos is definitely a must-have, especially when it comes to low arches support during a hard intensive training.


  • Wide toe box – perfect solution for flat-footed sportspeople.
  • Plenty of cushioning that alleviates the pressure, distributing it.
  • Lots of colorways to choose and an outstanding external design.
  • Secure locked-in feel due to 360-degree TPU heel wrap.
  • Super traction.
  • Natural flexibility (crystalized rubber outsole).


  • High price.
  • Sizing issues are possible.

5. New Balance 811v2 Trainer

New Balance 811v2 Trainer

As insanity workout involves a lot of plyometric jumping and quick feet drills, shoes able to give the right amount of cushioning and spring are essential.

And the second version of New Balance 811 trainer with its revolutionary CUSH+ foam compound will give you all that, without sacrificing stability and support, preventing flat feet from getting tired too fast and getting injuries.


  • Give extra cushioning under the ball and arches (ideal for flat feet).
  • Lightweight.
  • Breathable.
  • Rubber pods on the outsole for traction and grip.
  • Fantom tape on the sides for support, which looks cool.
  • Not expensive.
  • Versatile.


  • Run small by ½ size.
  • Cheap price affects the quality of materials.

6. Nike Free Trainer 5.0 V6 Training Shoe

Nike Free Trainer

Just like New Balance and Reebok, Nike also has something to offer to treat your flat feet and help them cope with hard routines.

Nike’s Free Trainer 5.0 feels like a second skin for the foot – weightless, comfortable, maximally adjustable, yet supportive and responsive.

Perfect for different gym practices, as well as for challenging intensive workouts and training at full capacity at a frenetic pace.


  • Anatomical heel design for support.
  • Flat and stable platform for explosive lift.
  • Flywire technology for a lockdown fit.
  • Water-resistance.
  • Removable cushioned insole.
  • High-quality lasting traction.
  • Mesh upper fabric for breathability.


  • Not true to size.
  • Doesn’t stand a test of time.

What Is Insanity Workout?Insanity Workout

Have you ever heard about insanity workout? If no, it`s the time to change this fact! Who doesn’t dream about having an ideal body of a star? Everybody does!

That`s why insanity workout (probably, the hardest workout that has ever existed) is exactly what you need to make your body work for you (or just make it work!).

The originator of this DVD fitness program, Shaun T, promises that you’ll have a strong body, abs, arms, and other attributes of the ideal body only in 60 days.

The secret of such an unimaginable result is the “insanity” of this workout, which includes the crazy pace of each training.

Your body is your weights! Insanity workout takes less than an hour of your free time. Thus, you don’t have to spend a lot of time, working in the gym.

But in fact, Insanity will test you not only physically, but also mentally (that`s why the results are such impressive!).

During all training, you have to work out at your maximum capacity, doing every exercise as much as you can. Isn’t it really challenging?

What Is T25 Workout?

T25 is another challenging workout for you and your body! This popular fitness program on DVD will give you the results, which can be gotten for an hour-long training, only in 25 minutes.

The duration of this workout is ten weeks. Take a risk and you`ll never feel sorry for your decision! The hottest body you’ve ever had is what you’ll get as the result of T25 workout!

Like Insanity Workout, T25 doesn’t require any special equipment. Everything you need is to be ready to be competitive and do your best!

Insanity Workout with Flat Feet

If you have such problem as flat feet, you may experience troubles with insanity and T25 workouts.

The most common difficulty includes an intense pain on the bottom of the feet. The pain is usually where your arch is supposed to be.

As a result of this pain, you`ll stop moving most of the time, when you are doing an insane workout, not because you’re tired, but because your feet are in too much pain.

However, don’t despair! It doesn’t mean you have to leave your workouts. Proper shoes will change everything: they will ease the pain tremendously.

Why Do I Need Special Shoes for Insanity/T25?

As the famous trainer, Shaun T, mentions, you have to be mentally ready before starting Insanity or T25 workout. But don’t forget about your training outfit, especially the shoes.

It`s not a big surprise that outfit plays a vital role when you are engaged in the sport! Everything you put on may have a very big influence on what you do, helping or, vice versa, preventing you from getting desirable results.

High-intensity (hiit) workouts could influence your physical state, not in the way, you expect it.

During workouts, the hardest workload falls on your arms and feet. As you start doing more you will start to strengthen the tendons and muscles in your feet. Any carefree movement will lead to the injury of the different degree.

Now ask yourself if you need these problems. It requires only 60 days for body transformations and only a few hours for choosing special shoes for workouts.


  • only cross trainers
  • shoes with a high level of cushioning, tight fit around the top/sides of your foot (snug, but not uncomfortably tight)

Never wear:

  • running shoes
  • court shoes
  • walkers
  • hiking shoes
  • curling shoes
  • weightlifting shoes
  • rock climbing shoes

What to Look for When Choosing the Shoes for Insanity/T25?

Yet everything about Insanity and T25 workouts is clear, the question about peculiarities of the best shoes for such training is still open.

  1. Any Feet Issues?

First of all, make sure that you don’t have any problems with your feet (shoes for flat feet are special).

  1. Comfort

If everything is ok, remember that perfect shoes are comfortable shoes! You cannot make all exercises at your maximum capacity if your feet feel discomfort. Shoes with anatomical design will become an answer.

  1. Stability & Flexibility

Stability and flexibility are integral characteristics of shoes for Insanity and T25 workouts. The platform of shoes has to be flat and stable for explosive lift.

  1. Other Issues

Lightweight componentry, rubberized outsole, dry sock liner, good cushioning also deserves your attention. Don’t forget about the effective reduction of heat and friction as well.

Bottom Line

Great and effective workouts begin with best shoes. That`s why it’s important to be careful when choosing sports shoes for your training.

There are so many things you must take into consideration when selecting footwear. But remember one simple rule: choose sports shoes individually!

If one pair of shoes is perfect for your friend, this doesn’t mean that the same sneaker will suit your feet and training.

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