The right shoes can complete an outfit and make it look better, while the wrong shoes can ruin the whole thing. That’s why it’s important to know your options before you go shopping.

So what are the best shoes for outfits? Here are our top picks:

Black ankle boots

Ankle boots are a classic shoe that can be worn with just about any outfit. They’re versatile and comfortable, so they’re great for all-day wear. Plus, since they’re on the leg instead of at the foot, they won’t get in your way when you walk.

White sneakers

Sneakers are a great alternative to heels if you want to look casual but still feel put-together. They’re perfect for everyday wear or even going out at night — just pair them with jeans or leggings or dress them up with a skirt and blouse.


Flats are another option if you don’t want to wear heels but still want to look stylish and put together (without sacrificing comfort). They come in all kinds of styles — from ballet flats to oxfords — so there’s something for everyone out there!

Best Shoes For Outfits

1. Reebok vintage sneakers when you want a retro touch to your outfits and channel the ’90s and ’80s.

Reviewer wearing chalk colored reebok vintage sneaker

2. Boho-style huarache sandals so pretty they’ll make it look like your feet are having a party of their own. These are completely handmade and unique!

the sandals in rainbow

3. Waterproof Birkenstock Arizona sandals to let you fashionably go about rainy or non-rainy days with no problem. These are washable so no worries about griminess!

two reviewers's pairs of feet: one in blue, the other in pink Birkenstocks

4. Onitsuka Tiger sneakers for days you want to feel invincible no matter what you’re wearing.

Reviewer wearing yellow and black Onitsuka Mexico sneakers

5. Summer-perfect platform sandals to spring-ify and summer-ify your pretty dresses. Reviewers rave about these shoes’ platform bed!

reviewer in white platform sandals while sitting on deck

6. Fila Disruptors that’ll make everyone do a double-take as you pass by because yeah, you’re that stylish and they’ll wish they could pull it off as good as you!

Reviewer wearing chunky white Fila sneakers

7. Affordable comfort slides that look like high-end fashion on your feet. Pft, no one needs to know!

reviewer wearing sandals in white

8. Chunky-heeled ankle boots when you want to strut down the street, feeling like you rule the world. These will look great with everything from skinny and boyfriend jeans to floral skirts and dresses. The rubber platform sole ensures you won’t stumble if you’re not used to a little height!

Reviewer wearing the brown boots with black sole

9. Classy James oxfords that’ll give every outfit an absolutely dapper and timeless touch.

brown oxford shoes

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10. OR heeled oxfords for that trendy dark academia aesthetic. Pair with dark colors, head to an old castle library in the afternoon, and you’re set! Plus, the blocky heel ensures you won’t wobble on those sleek floors.

the oxfords in black

11. Perfect Adidas Superstar sneakers since they truly go with everything — even dresses!

Reviewer wearing the classic adidas with five-star Amazon caption "my favorite sneaker"

12. Classic Chelsea boots because a good-quality pair is quintessential for your closet!

writer wearing black leather boots with elastic cutouts on the sides and a pointed toe

13. Or these more affordable Sam Edelman Chelsea rain booties fashionable enough to style even when it’s not raining!

reviewer wearing the black booties with a dress

14. Platform Converse sneakers not only for some added height but some added comfort as well with that elevated sole! You’ve been wearing the OG for years — it’s time to try something new.

reviewer wearing them in white

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