Nurses are tasked with a lot of different responsibilities, and the job can be physically demanding. Nurses need comfortable shoes that they can wear all day while they’re on their feet.

Nike Women’s Metcon 4 Training Shoe

This shoe has a lot of benefits for nurses because it has great arch support and heel cushioning. The midsole has an adaptive fit system that conforms to your foot shape, which helps reduce irritation and blisters. The shoe also has a mesh upper that allows air to flow through easily, keeping your feet cool and dry. It also comes in a variety of colors and styles to suit any taste or preference.

Nike Men’s Free RN Motion Flyte FK Running Shoe

This shoe has minimal construction, which makes it lightweight and flexible. The outsole is made from durable rubber that provides traction on various surfaces so you can run confidently without slipping or falling. It also comes with an asymmetrical lacing system that provides more stability when running, walking or standing up straight while working in the hospital.

Best Shoes For Nurses Nike


Guide to the Best Nike Shoes for Nurses

What are the Best Nike Shoes for Nurses? Well we’re here to tell you what Nike Nursing Shoes you should be wearing!

As nurses, we’re on our feet 99% of the day. It is vital to have good shoes to not only save your feet, but your back as well. We have a full list of the best nursing shoes, but this list will be specifically for Nike shoes.

While most know that wearing a good pair of shoes is important. Most might forget how important it is in everyday comfort and satisfaction. In addition to increasing daily comfort, a good pair of shoes can also help nurses get through night shift. Reducing stress, decreasing pain and increasing satisfaction are all important in staying healthy.

Why Nike Shoes


Nike was originally founded in 1964 in Beaverton, Oregon (source). Since then, they have become one of the most recognizable brands on the planet. Nike created a shoe specifically for healthcare workers, frontline providers and medical workers in general.

Nike Zoom Air Pulse (Nike Nurse Shoe)


The shoe branded as the “Nike Nurse Shoe” is the Nike Zoom Air Pulse. These shoes were designed to be entirely comfortable to get through a 12-hour shift. While still maintaining the support needed to get through the day. They featured a full-rubber outsole, flexible drop-in midsole and a snug heel fit.


Unfortunately, the Zoom Pulse shoes were a little too popular and sold out almost instantly. But since, are now back in stock! Nike has updated the Zoom Pulse shoes to have 4 different colorways, and restocked all of the men’s and women’s sizes.

Male Nike Nursing Shoes

Nike Men’s Free RN Flyknit 3.0


The Free RN Flyknit 3.0 are the classic Nike running shoes that are perfect for nurses. Why are they great for nurses? Because, they have excellent support, stride structure and cushioning.

They are lace-free and designed to be slip-on. This helps to reduce pressure on your instep. In addition, they have a heel-to-toe flex that bends as your foot is in-stride. There is also an anatomical outsole that allows for perfect cushioning.

If you have never worn the Free RN line from Nike, then we’d highly suggest you should try it out. It is an extremely comfortable shoe that we personally used throughout nursing school.

Nike Men’s Flex Experience Run 8


Another great Nike nursing shoe is the Flex Experience Run 8. Similar to the Free RN’s, these are running shoes perfect for nurses on their feet all day. They are extremely lightweight and comfortable with the same knit fabric. This fabric helps to keep your feet cool and supported.

In addition, the Flex Experience Run 8 has a similar outsole with natural flexibility and a soft mesh in the health for an adaptive fit. There is laces on this shoe (if that’s something you require) versus the Free RN’s that didn’t have any. Finally, there is a no-sew overlay at the laces for increased durability.

These are perfect shoes for nurses because of their unrivaled comfort and support combination. There are some shoes that are more comfortable, but less supportive and vice-versa. However, the Nike Flex Experience Run 8 shoes combine both perfectly.

Nike Men’s Metcon Sport


This next choice might seem a bit odd to some, but for us, it was perfect. The Nike Metcon Sport are training shoes designed for weightlifting and speed drills. However, they make great nursing shoes.

Why you might ask? Well, because they provide excellent support. Many might not know that nurses do a lot of lifting in day-to-day activities. Especially depending on the unit you work on. So, having a very good supportive shoe can help tremendously when it comes to weight-bearing activities.

Female Nike Nursing Shoes

Nike Women’s In-Season TR 9


The In-Season TR 9 are awesome Nike nursing shoes for women. They are extremely stylish (in our opinion), very comfortable and also supportive. There is comfy foam cushioning that provides excellent arch support and aids in walking.

The best part about the In-Season TR 9’s is the memory foam sock liner. This helps to provide additional comfort when walking and also helps promote a proper fit. These shoes are very good at “hugging” your foot which helps provide a good supportive feel.

Finally, they have a multidirectional molding on the outsoles to promote great traction. This is important for nurses incase of spills or any liquids on the floor to help decrease injury.

Nike Women’s Competition Shoe


The Nike Women’s Competition shoe is excellent for nurses for many reasons. For one, it is extremely comfortable. It literally fits like a sock. There isn’t many shoes that can claim the same amount of comfort that the Competition shoe provides. Although lacking in some support (compared to other shoes mentioned), it definitely is one of the most comfortable.

Nike Women’s Free TR 8

The Nike Free TR 8 is a similar shoe to the Men’s Metcon Sport, however with a few key differences (obviously for women). This shoe is designed to be a “working out” shoe or a training shoe. So, it has excellent support all around. It is great for nurses for the same reason the Metcon Sport was great: superb support, traction and design.

The Free TR 8 features a lacing system that is very support. Along with a higher ankle support system. This helps to keep your ankle supported not only while walking, but when lifting as well. As mentioned before, performing weight-bearing lifts is a commonly performed task by nurses. So, having a well-supported shoe is vital.


In conclusion, the Nike Zoom Pulse are the best Nike shoes for nurses. As they are back in stock and ready to help nurses and healthcare workers keep their feet comfortable. While they might not stack up in comfort compared to Hoka One One, or protect like Snibbs, they are easily one of the best options overall!

We personally wear the Nike Zoom Pulse on a day-to-day basis and they’re awesome shoes. The superb versatility and quality is a step above the rest for sure.

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