Best Shoes For Lateral Foot Pain

Are you experiencing lateral foot pain? We know how hard it is to find shoes that feel comfortable and supportive. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you find the best shoes for lateral foot pain.

We’ll tell you what causes lateral foot pain, how it can affect your daily life, and what you can do about it. Then we’ll share our top picks for the best shoes for lateral foot pain so you can get back to living your life without worrying about your feet!

Best Shoes For Lateral Foot Pain

The Best Shoes for Ball of Foot Pain That Are Still Stylish


Many of Us deal with discomfort when it comes to our feet, and there are numerous types of pain. While conditions like plantar fasciitis are often discussed, ball of foot pain is not as commonly addressed. You can find this area at the front of your foot right before the arch begins. If you feel any type of discomfort concentrated in the area, there’s a chance you may suffer from a condition known as metatarsalgia.

But don’t be alarmed just yet! The Mayo Clinic doesn’t report this as a generally serious condition. Unless you’ve been feeling prolonged and intense pain for quite some time, there’s likely no need to go get your feet checked out by a podiatrist. However, it is recommended that if you have a burning pain at the ball of your foot that lasts for a couple of days, it may be time to call your doctor. First things first, however — you might want to switch out some of your shoes for better options.

How Do I Know Which Shoes Won’t Hurt My Feet?

If you’re feeling the type of pain we described, you may simply just be wearing the wrong type of shoes. Your footwear may potentially be aggravating metatarsalgia symptoms! In fact, your feet may need better arch support or footwear that includes shock-absorbing insoles to make the pain feel less severe — or go away altogether!

The common obstacle we notice when shopping for shoes that include these two features is that a lot of the styles are simply not that cute. So, we decided to do some serious searching and find trendy styles that look great and provide the support that your feet desperately need. As savvy online shoppers with a penchant for jazzing up the ankle area, we feel more than confident that these options from Dr. Scholl’s, Naturalizer, Sorel and more will elevate your confidence. Read on to shop our ultimate picks from Zappos, Amazon and beyond!

Born Mesilla

Easy, Breezy Comfort

Born Mesilla
Born Mesilla Zappos

These mules are such a reliable shoe that you can throw on in a snap. They have a super simple look, so you won’t even have to think twice about if they look good with the outfit you have on! And most importantly, they have the triple-layered cork sole that gives you all of the comfort your feet need.


  • Easy slip-on style
  • Teams with tons of different ensembles


  • Sizing in some colors may be limited
  • Fit may be hit-or-miss

Naturalizer Samantha Half d’Orsay Flat

For Professional Ensembles

Naturalizer Samantha Half d'Orsay Flat
Naturalizer Samantha Half d’Orsay Flat Nordstrom

The thing we love most about these flats is that you would never be able to tell just how much arch support they actually have! It’s expertly hidden in the shoe’s design so that your feet are extra comfortable while looking sleek and chic.


  • Works for both professional and casual looks
  • Universally flattering nude shade
  • Classic silhouette


  • May be tight on the toe

Dr. Scholl’s Discovery

Best Vacay Shoes

Dr. Scholl's Discovery
Dr. Scholl’s Discovery Zappos

Espadrilles are the shoe of the summer! Usually a lower-heeled pair that looks like this pair have a fairly flat insole — a.k.a. zero support. But these espadrilles have a cushioned footbed that’s incredibly shock-absorbent, so your feet won’t get fatigued if you plan on walking around in them all day!


  • Super breathable
  • Timeless espadrille look


  • Limited sizing in some hues

Shires Moretta Clio Paddock Boot

Booting Out Discomfort


Comfy sneakers with orthotic details are fairly common, but it can be tough to find a Chelsea boot, for example, that actually provides substantial support and cushioning. This pair includes shock-absorbing insoles to provide contoured comfort, plus steel shanks to provide anti-fatigue relief!


  • Zipper for easy on and off
  • Moisture-channeling lining


  • Not real leather (pro or con depending on the person!)

Munro Cleo

Perfect Everyday Sandals

Munro Cleo
Munro Cleo Zappos

These sandals are arguably one of the last picks that we would expect to be orthopedic-friendly! Adorable leather block heel sandals that look exactly like this pair belong in everyone’s footwear wardrobe. And as for the supportive specs, they’re outfitted with shock-absorbing latex rubber outsole and have a curved innersole to keep your feet happy.


  • Sleek and supportive silhouette
  • Team with anything


  • Limited sizing
  • $170

FitFlop Iqushion Ergonomic Flip-Flop

For Your Casual Summer Days

FitFlop Iqushion Ergonomic Flip-Flop
FitFlop Iqushion Ergonomic Flip-Flop Zappos

Your average rubber flip flops just won’t do in the summertime if your feet need extra support. Upgrade your flip flop game with this pair! The curved shape and thicker sole make them an excellent option for anyone who struggles with foot pain.


  • More supportive than regular flip flops
  • Tons of color options


  • Some shoppers say the feel is a bit too stiff

SAS Simplify Moccasin Loafers

Comfy as Slippers


What do you get when you mix a 100% leather loafer with the comfy-cozy design of moccasins? This perfect pair of slip-ons! Great for both work and play, these shoes feature Tripad Cushions designed to comfort all three pressure points: the inside ball, outside ball and heel. Exactly what we need!


  • Good variety of color options
  • High ratings
  • Available in numerous widths


  • A pricier pick

Birkenstock Arizona Big Buckle Slide Sandal

All-Around Bestseller

Birkenstock Arizona Big Buckle Slide Sandal
Birkenstock Arizona Big Buckle Slide Sandal Nordstrom

Shoe trends come and go, but Birkenstocks are forever! They’re one of the most popular shoes on the market for people who deal with foot issues or not, and we’re particularly loving the modern Big Buckle version if you want to keep up with the latest en vogue styles.


  • Trendy pick
  • Seriously long-lasting and durable design


  • $160

Sorel Kinetic Impact Sandal

Major Trend Alert

Sorel Kinetic Impact Sandal
Sorel Kinetic Impact Sandal Nordstrom

We’re in love with the sporty look of these supportive sandals! The chunky details in the design make them look less like a “dad” hiking sandal, and more of a shoe that you can spot on a fashionable city girl. That chunky sole also makes it possible to have an incredibly supportive footbed that is reportedly “extremely comfortable.”


  • Ultra-supportive
  • Fashion forward


  • No reviews at this time

Wonesion Women’s Non Slip Sneakers

Bright Colors Galore

Wonesion Women's Non Slip Sneakers
Wonesion Women’s Non Slip Sneakers Amazon

It’s hard to ignore these sneakers with how much attention they’ve gotten from Amazon shoppers! Not only is the fit and feel completely wowing reviewers, they come in tons of amazing color combos so that you can express your personality. Pick up a pair if you’re looking to add a major pop of color to your footwear!


  • Tons of fun colors to choose from
  • Over 29,000 reviews
  • Affordable


  • Size may be a hit-or-miss for some

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8 Running Shoe

Celeb-Loved Brand

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8 Running Shoe
HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8 Running Shoe Nordstrom

This sneaker brand has gained major traction with stars like Britney SpearsKatie Holmes and Julianne Hough — just to name a few! We particularly love these running shoes for their simple design that you can wear during workouts — or with low-key athleisure ensembles.


  • Celeb-approved brand
  • Hundreds of five-star reviews


  • $140

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