Best Shoes For Khakis

The best shoes for khakis are the ones that make you feel comfortable and confident.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” I think this applies to shoes too. If you’re wearing a pair of shoes that make you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious, it’s going to be hard for you to focus on your work and do your best.

So instead of choosing the most stylish pair of shoes available, choose the ones that make you feel good about yourself!

Best Shoes For Khakis

What Kinds of Shoes Are Good With Khaki Pants?

Khaki pants are a relatively close, casual, and elegant outfit for men. The highlight of the outfit with Khaki pants is dusty, masculine, and fashionable. What shoes go with khaki pants can be a matter of concern for many men. Check out some of our suggestions below.

What Shoes Go With Khaki Pants?

Khaki Pants With Sports Shoes

It is considered a popular combination for those days when you don’t know what to wear. Khaki pants and sports shoes will bring you a dynamic, youthful, and equally personal style. That’s why this outfit is suitable for picnics, travel or going out, walking around.

When wearing sneakers with khaki pants, you can mix them with a T-shirt with the same color tone to create a harmonious and balanced overall outfit.

Khaki Pants Combined With Shiny Leather Shoes

You think you can combine leather shoes with casual pants, suits. But you can combine them with khaki pants. And it would help if you chose dark khaki work pants such as black, gray to create an elegant and sophisticated style for the wearer.

In particular, polished leather shoes are considered “honest” for the question of what shoes khaki pants go with. You also need to pay attention to choose a shirt of the same color tone. For example, you can combine black khaki pants with a black, light blue, or gray shirt mixed with shiny leather shoes. You will undoubtedly be extremely elegant and luxurious.

Casual Dressed Man with Arms Crossed Isolated on White Background

Khaki Pants With Cowhide Leather Shoes

“Dust” is the word that describes all the most natural, purest things about a pair of khaki pants. Therefore, a pair of shoes with cowhide leather combined with khaki pants is the best choice to help highlight the robust and romantic look of the gentlemen.

Khaki Pants With Loafers

In the summer, you don’t like to wear lace-up shoes because it feels uncomfortable. So, you can wear a pair of loafers. Khaki pants combined with loafers are also a perfect choice for you. This style creates youthfulness and freedom.

If you choose loafers to go to work, you should give preference to office slip-on shoes. This combination will bring a neat, polite, but no less youthful style. With the shirt, you can mix it with T-shirts or shirts. Loafers combined with men’s khaki pants to wear to the office are a great choice. You can say that a fashion style is very suitable for men with liberal features.

Penny loafer shoes are not a new design, but Penny loafers have never become an outdated product, especially for the office environment. It is a reasonably simple shoe model made from high-quality cowhide material. Cowhide will make the leather layer achieve a beautiful natural shine and make them more luxurious and elegant. Some shoes are also punched on the toe to create their uniqueness and increase the choice for men, especially boys in the young, dynamic group.

Rules When Combining Khaki Pants With Shoes

After knowing what shoe khaki pants go with, you also need to pay attention to some rules when applying this combination. Applying the rules will help you get the perfect outfit and a more balanced figure. Specifically, include the following rules:

The Shoe Color Is One Tone Darker Than Pants

It is a rule of shoe selection that applies not only when combined with khaki pants and many other kinds. It is pretty simple, and you need to remember to get the complete outfit overall! If you want to make it harmonious with all kinds of colors in your clothes, shoe color should be one tone darker than pants.

Pant Should Not Cover Shoes

When choosing khaki pants, many men often choose pants with a relatively wide leg. It partially covers the surface of the shoe when worn, making the outfit sloppy and unsightly. Therefore, you should give priority to using khaki pants with straight and moderate length. If the hem of the pants is redundant, you should cut it short so as not to cover the shoes.

Roll Up The Pants When Wearing Leather Shoes

A rule is to roll up the pants when wearing Western shoes. This rule only applies when your pant leg is too long. Besides, the roll-up also creates a highlight of the shoes, making your shoes more prominent. It should be about 5cm high because the high hem of the pants will create a dusty, even messy feeling, not suitable for leather shoes.

Combined With Some Accessories

If you combine khaki pants with leather shoes, you can attach accessories such as wallets or elegant men watches, which will increase your elegance and luxury. And if you combine khaki pants with sports shoes, you can combine them with an accessory that is a cap. This combination will help you look more personal and stylish.

Use Shoes For The Proper Purpose

You cannot combine leather shoes with khaki pants for backpacking or khaki pants with sports shoes to attend an important event. Therefore, it is essential to use it for the proper purposes and in the right circumstances. Please refer to the suggestions that Smart men shared above for the perfect combination!

Match The Color Of Shoes With Khaki Pants

Basic Tones – Dynamic And Elegant

The khaki pants are usually light colors and are pretty easy to combine with many styles of shoes, especially for black and white sneakers. These are also sports shoes that everyone should have in their wardrobe. Because of these white and black colors, it is still beautiful as usual when we combine any color with it.

How Do Shoes With Many Patterns Coordinate With Khaki Pants?

For shoes with many decorative patterns and shapes, we need to be extremely careful while choosing outfits. The use of multi-patterned sneakers will help us have a more prominent personality style. That’s why new sports shoe companies often bring to the market “Limited” version patterned sneakers.

To create a unique and strange style, we should coordinate the outfits with the same pattern as the shoes. Or a little simpler, we can use single-color outfits to coordinate. 

How Do Dark Sneakers Coordinate With Outfits?

How should dark sports shoes or rarely used colors be combined with clothes? You can combine dark shoes with many types of khaki pants in different colors. The simplest way is to choose an outfit with white as the primary color. Besides, men can choose colors with darker tones but slightly lighter colors. Pay attention to the highlight of the entire outfit to create a unique style for the wearer.

Through the above article, you certainly have the answer to what shoes to wear with khaki pants. I hope you choose the suitable shoe model for the perfect clothes and a more balanced figure! 

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