Best Shoes For Indoor

If you’re looking for the best shoes for indoor use, look no further.

Indoor shoes are a great choice for those who want to get in their workouts even when the weather outside is less than ideal. Whether you’re looking to run on a treadmill, do some yoga, or just walk around and enjoy the comforts of home, these shoes will keep your feet comfortable and supported while protecting your toes and heels from injury.

Best Shoes For Indoor

The Best Shoes to Wear Indoors

I was 18 when I moved to the mid-Atlantic, which at that time was the farthest north I had ever lived during winter. It was definitely amateur hour—especially during my first snowstorm. The primary components of my outfit? Unlined rubber rain boots, a child’s snowsuit from Goodwill, and a fashion scarf. Luckily, the following winter, my parents—both kind and intelligent sorts—sent me a pair of fur-lined sheepskin slippers, which impressed upon me the value of investing in quality winter clothing. I was so enamored with my new slippers (and unfamiliar with this sort of footwear) that I actually wore them around the dirty city I lived in as if they were proper shoes.

Fast forward more than a decade, and I have since invested in many quality footwear, and even have a variety of shoes for strictly indoor use. Not only do I love having deep winter slippers, but also keeping shoulder season pairs and extras for guests has been a real treat. Sometimes it’s good to remember your origin story to see how far you’ve come. Either way, I am here to recommend a bunch of great indoor shoes to save your feet, your floors, and potentially save you from embarrassment.

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    • 1/9Wicked Good MoccasinsThese are the beloved L.L. Bean slippers my parents gave me nearly 12 years ago that I am wearing this very second. They have held up for so long and provide such comfort, warmth, and support. I feel like they’ll last a lifetime.
    • 2/9Glerups Wool SlipperI got these felted wool slippers early last year, and they became constant in my homebound life. Not only are they lightweight and supportive, but they also have a nice simple look that works well with whatever you’re wearing.
    • 3/9Relaxation SlipsThese were my summer staple—a chic pair of slides made of recycled plastic that come in a variety of nice colors. Not only do they look fun, but the design also feels amazing on your feet.
    • 4/9O.G. Cloud SlidesI’ve seen these Cloud Slides out and about in the world and they look dreamy. They remind me of a really nice mattress—the plush cushion! These seem like they’d keep your feet feeling great all day.
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    • 5/9Birkenstock Eva Arizona EssentialsI think the EVA Birkenstock is a great indoor shoe. The ultra-lightweight and highly flexible material is friendly for your house and your feet. Plus, you have so many colors to choose from.
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    • 6/9Kane Revive Active Recovery ShoeAfter bouts of foot pain from running over the years, I always have my eyes on recovery or orthopedic footwear. I was very curious about Kane’s sugarcane-based EVA foam sneakers, which have a Croc-like look, but a slimmer design. Although these don’t need to be indoor shoes, I found them a perfect option for days when I want more support around the house.
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    • 7/9Original Acorn MoccasinsFleece always feels like a great fabric to be swathed in, so these slippers with their micro-fleece lining wick away moisture and keep your feet cozy. The memory-foam midsole also adds some necessary support.
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    • 8/9Hästens Down BootsHave you ever wanted it to feel like you’re walking around with a down comforter wrapped around your feet? With these Hästens booties, it is possible. The heavenly slippers are available in navy or white with the Swedish brand’s classic blue check pattern.$190
    • 9/9Hoka Ora Recovery SlidesMy household loves Hokas. Wearing them regularly makes you forget what it feels like to have achy feet. Although these are chunky, you won’t want to take them off.

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