Best Shoes For High Jump

If you’re looking for the best shoes for high jump, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve made a list of all of our favorite high-jump sneakers and we’re here to tell you which ones we think are going to take you from good to great.

Before we get into it, let’s talk about what makes the perfect pair of shoes for high jumping.

When it comes to high jump shoes, there are a lot of factors that go into making them the best option for your needs. There are different materials used in different shoes, some have more cushioning than others, and some even have special features designed specifically for high jumpers.

Best Shoes For High Jump

High Jump Spikes – Get the Best HJ Shoes

Finding the right pair of high jump spikes can make all the difference, considering how technical the event is.

I’ve tried pretty much every pair of high jump spikes under the Sun. to find a pair of comfortable for me and my jumping Style.

Luckily we live in a time where sporting manufacturers make high jump spikes that allow you to take off with both feet. Years ago, athletes would have to make sure that they had the right shoes designed to run the curved depending on what foot they would be taking off with.

High jump spikes have always varied a lot over the years and changed as technology has developed. As you can imagine having a pair of high jump spikes that are light was advantageous. But because of the significant stresses and strains put on the shoes during takeoff, They always tended to weigh a little bit more than, say, long jump spikes.

Best high jump spikes

Nike High Jump Elite Spikes

Nike High Jump Elite

Nike High Jump Elite

Nike High Jump Elite

Nike High Jump Elite

Nike High Jump Elite

Nike High Jump Elite

When I first tried on at the Nike, high jump spikes fit like a glove. I’ve always struggled previously with high jump spikes, with them being somewhat built and feeling cumbersome, but that’s not the case with the High Jump Elite Spikes.

The synthetic material Nike have used for the upper part of the shoe felt like it’s moulded to my foot shape nicely, Enabling me to feel confident during the entire phase of the run-up and take off.

The straps across the top part also added to the lockdown feeling the spikes gave me. So I felt like I could push myself during the jump, and my feet wouldn’t be moving around in the shoe.

The shoe’s sole is solid, but I could still feel some flexion while running in them, so they didn’t feel weird at all. I struggle with this previously with other high jump shoes, where the shoe’s sole is solid, and they feel like boats on your feet. But I did not have this problem with the Nike Elite high jump spikes.

Overall they are a fantastic pair of spikes, and on performance alone, you can’t go wrong with them. One downside is the price of being one of the more expensive pair of spikes you can purchase, so it does limit the potential target audience of jumpers who will be able to afford them.

Adidas Adizero High Jump Spikes

adidas Adizero Hj

adidas Adizero Hj

adidas Adizero High Jump Shoe

adidas Adizero High Jump Shoe

I’ve been using Adidas adizero high jump spikes for many years now because they have consistently been one of the best spikes you can buy. Adidas change the overall design too much over the last 3 and 4 years. With some material changes, as I said before, technology has enabled manufacturers to use lighter but more robust materials.

When I first picked them up, there were lots of similarities to the Nike High Jump Spikes. The spikes on the underside of the shoe are in the same position. They also come with a similar strap across the top of the foot.

My feet are pretty narrow, so I found the Adidas spikes fit me slightly better, but this is relatively consistent with many other spikes, as Adidas always tend to have a somewhat narrow fitting to their shoes. Certainly, something to keep in mind if you are in a similar position to me.

One area I did find that was better on the Nike spikes was run up as it’s more comfortable wearing Nike shoes compared to Adidas Adizero HJ.

Adidas high jump spikes tend to come in slightly cheaper than the Nike Spikes, so if the price is a factor for you, you probably want to get the Adidas adizero high jump spikes.

Puma EvoSpeed High Jump Spikes

PUMA Men's Evospeed High Jump 6 Athletic Shoes, Fizzy Yellow Black, 9.5

PUMA Men’s Evospeed High Jump 6 Athletic Shoes, Fizzy Yellow Black, 9.5

PUMA Unisex Adult evoSPEED High Jump 6 Athletic Shoes, Fizzy Yellow-Puma Black, 11 UK

PUMA Unisex Adult evoSPEED High Jump 6 Athletic Shoes, Fizzy Yellow-Puma Black, 11 UK

Believe it or not, there are other sporting manufacturers aside from Nike and Adidas. Although Puma always slips under the radar for many people, They have been making incredibly good spikes for a long time now, more noticeably for the sprinting events. But they have been making incredibly good jumping spikes as well.

The Puma Evospeed High Jump Spikes feel very premium in your hand and feel the same when you put them on. The overall support you feel around your feet are superb I was wearing these spikes.

I found them slightly cumbersome at times, but this could be down to my narrow feet, whereas people with wider feet will probably not have this problem. Another factor could also be the sole of the shoe feeling rigid. For performance, this is precisely what you want, but I feel slightly uncomfortable when I’m just walking around.

They are the cheapest spikes out of the 3 I’ve listed here, Which will be a factor for many of you thinking of getting any of these pairs.

Can you wear different event spikes for the High Jump?

Yes, you can, and there have been many brilliant jumpers who have worn different events spikes to compete in the high jump.

Most famously, the Russian high jumper Ivan Ukhov used to wear sprint spikes, and he did go on to win multiple world titles. But he would always struggle in wet conditions, causing him to slip because he didn’t have the spikes on the heel of a shoe.

Why would you want to wear high jump spikes?

High Jump spikes have been explicitly designed to give you support during the run-up and, more importantly, the explosive jumping phase.

You’re not only have spiked at the front of the shoe but also typically have four at the rear. This is to increase your grip during the jump as most athletes will be taking off and striking the floor with that heel first. I’ve been thankful for this plenty of times when I’ve been jumping in wet conditions.


Here I’ve listed the best high jump spikes that I’ve personally tried myself. Although there are probably many other outstanding high jump spikes out there, I wouldn’t want to comment on them without trying them first.

You really can’t go wrong with either Nike, Adidas or Puma. There are very small distinguishing features between all of them.

You’ll be fine using all three of these high jump spikes regardless of what foot do you take off on.

If you have narrow feet like myself, I think you would probably be best with the Adidas high jump spikes, as I did fit my feet better.

You have relatively standard size fitting, and the higher price isn’t a factor for you, then the best you can buy would be Nike Elite High Jump Spikes.

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