What are the Best Shoes For Hallux Rigidus 2021? Hallux rigidus, or “stiff big toe,” is a common foot condition that affects nearly 40% of people over age 50. It causes pain and stiffness in the joint when walking or wearing shoes, and it can lead to an inability to move your big toe at all. Get the podiatrist recommended shoes for hallux rigidus and the best shoes for hallux rigidus 2022.

Shopping for shoes is a literal pain in the foot. It’s even worse if you have hallux rigidus (also known as bunion), a painful condition that affects the big toe joint.

The good news is that there are shoes out there that can help with your condition. But, what are the best choices?

We’ve put together a list of some of the most comfortable shoes for hallux rigidus that we’ve found, so you don’t have to spend hours searching through countless options on your own.

If you’re suffering from hallux rigidus, we’ve got good news: there are plenty of shoes that can help! Here are our top picks for shoes that provide comfort, support, and flexibility while keeping your toes happy.

Best Shoes For Hallux Rigidus 2021

What is Hallux Rigidus?

Hallux rigidus is a form of toe arthritis. If you are suffering from stiffness in your toe, you may be wondering : Do I have hallux rigidus?  

Hallux rigidus is the stiffness of your big toe (hallux = big toe; rigidus = stiffness). The stiffness of hallux rigidus manifests itself as a lack of movement in the big toe. Hallux rigidus can be very painful and uncomfortable, and this limited motion can turn everyday tasks, such as walking, into a chore. Symptoms of hallux rigidus include: stiffness in the big toe, swelling or inflammation around the big toe joint and difficulty walking or running.

We will soon move on to finding the best shoes for hallux rigidus because believe it or not, hallux rigidus shoes do exist! Stylish hallux rigidus shoes too! But first let’s discuss the causes of hallux rigidus.

What are the Causes of Hallux Rigidus?

There are several causes of hallux rigidus. Hallux rigidus is a form of toe arthritis which is often the result of wear and tear. This joint degeneration generally happens later in life, although younger people can also suffer from hallux rigidus. Injuries such as stubbing your big toe can cause hallux rigidus.

Studies have shown that hallux rigidus may also be genetic. You can inherit a certain foot type from your parents. If you have a predisposition for foot issues such as over-pronation or fallen arches, you may be more susceptible to hallux rigidus too.

If you have particularly high arches, you may end up with hallux rigidus too. People with high arches place too much pressure on the front of their feet which can causes issues with the toe joints. Long toes can cause similar issues due to the pressure on your toe joints. 

Wearing the wrong shoes can contribute to hallux rigidus. You should avoid ill-fitting shoes, which put pressure on your toe joints. You should avoid heels over 3 inches too. Fortunately there are still stylish options for hallux rigidus shoes.

What are the Best Shoes for Hallux Rigidus?

If you are looking for the best shoes for hallux rigidus, there are several factors which you need to consider. You may think that “shoes for hallux rigidus” are all orthopaedic-looking shoes. But fear not! There are plenty of stylish shoes for women with hallux rigidus. You just need to know what to look for!

Here are our Top Tips on finding shoes for hallux rigidus:

1. Choose Shoes with a Roomy Toe-Box

2. Choose Shoes with a Rigid Sole

3. Choose Shoes with Shock Absorption

4. Choose Shoes with Arch Support

5. Choose Shoes with Soft Uppers

1. Choose Shoes with a Roomy Toe-Box:

When you’re looking for shoes for hallux rigidus, you should look for shoes with a deep and wide toe-box. Most wide-fitting shoes will have a wide toe-box, but if you don’t have wide feet, you will need to look for specialist shoes. Sole Bliss shoes are all designed to incorporate a wide toe-box, while the rest of the shoe fits neatly in proportion. If you have slimmer feet but need a wide toe-box, we would recommend browsing our collection of regular fit shoes.

The best shoes for hallux rigidus have this wide toe-box because it prevents putting undue pressure on the big toe joint. It also prevents your toes from overlapping, squashing or cramping, which would otherwise cause unnecessary pain on your hallux rigidus.  

Fashionable wide-fitting shoes for hallux rigidus do exist! Just make sure your footwear fits properly and doesn’t put any pressure on that painful big toe joint. 

2. Choose Shoes with a Rigid Sole:

The best shoes for hallux rigidus will have rigid soles. Yes you want your hallux rigidus shoes to be soft and cushioned, and we agree, comfort is key! But the soles of your shoes need to be rigid so that your big toe cannot bend past its limited range of motion.  

There are very few flexible shoes which are good for hallux rigidus. This is because the flexible sole does nothing to limit the movement and pronation of your foot. If you over-flex the big toe joint, this can cause further pain and erosion to your arthritic joint.

Hallux rigidus shoes with a thick sole don’t have to be ugly! You may be thinking of clumpy and old-fashioned school shoes, but fear not! There are stylish shoes for hallux rigidus. In fact, chunky platform soles are back in fashion, especially on trainers. 

3. Choose Shoes with Shock Absorption:

The best shoes for hallux rigidus will have great shock absorption. Shock absorption protects your feet (and your big toes) from the impact of hitting against the ground when you walk or run.  

Hallux rigidus shoes with shock absorption help redistribute the weight and pressure on your feet. By evenly distributing your weight, you spread the pressure rather than putting force on one area of your foot. It is really important to make sure that this pressure is not applied to your big toe joint, as this will cause more hallux rigidus pain. 

Sole Bliss shoes feature a cushioned and anatomically contoured footbed which provides triple-layer support and shock absorption. Read more about what makes our hallux rigidus shoes so comfortable.

4. Choose Shoes with Arch Support:

If you suffer with hallux rigidus, you need to look for shoes with arch support. Much like a supportive footbed with shock absorption, arch support can help redistribute the weight and pressure on your feet.

We previously mentioned that high arches or fallen arches can be a cause of hallux rigidus, so it is important to wear shoes with arch support for these conditions. If you have high arches, shoes without arch support can cause your weight to land on the front of your foot and your big toes. This is to be avoided, so make sure you look for comfortable shoes with arch support.

5. Choose Shoes with Soft Uppers:

The best shoes for hallux rigidus are crafted from the finest, softest leather. Always look for hallux rigidus shoes with soft and comfortable uppers because this will prevent putting additional pressure on the big toe joint.

While the shoe itself (especially the sole) should be sturdy, you don’t want stiff and uncomfortable uppers on your shoes. Stiff shoes can also be difficult to take on and off.

We would recommend opting for soft leather shoes. When the weather heats up, you don’t need to worry about your feet sweating as much in leather shoes. Leather is durable, flexible and soft.

Podiatrist recommended shoes for hallux rigidus

Nonsurgical management is always the best way to get rid of Hallux Rigidus. Therefore, except from taking medicine, Orthopaedics suggest wearing a friendly fair of shoes to recover Hallux Rigidus FAST.

And here FRIENDLY means basically the Protective and Medicative footwear.

There are none but only some specific shoes that are effective indeed to reduce Hallux Rigidus.

Hence, after thoroughgoing research and experiment, I have come up with a list of 10 best shoes for Hallux Rigidus.

If you are in hurry, I make the list shorter for Best Value, Premium and Great Value- ❤️

Best value shoe

Best Diabetic Orthofeet Shoes for Hallux Rigudus

  • Ergonomic sole with multiple cushioning.
  • Will ensure a customized fit.
  • Springy gell padding

Premium Value Shoe

HOKA ONE Clifton 5 Best Running Shoe for Hallux Rigidus

HOKA ONE ONE Men's Clifton 5 Premium Running Shoe For Hallux Rigidus
  • Long-lasting.
  • Ultra-effective cushioning system.
  • Great for all ages people.

Great Value Shoe

Alegria Women’s Paloma Best Dress Shoes For Hallux Rigidus

Alegria Women's Paloma Flat Best Dress Shoes For Hallux Rigidus
  • High-rated leather.
  • Synthetic Sole keeps the Footwear as it is.
  • 0.75 inches Cushioned Platform minimize the kickback.


No products found.

But before that, you have got some must-known facts about stiff Big Toe/Hallux Rigidus.

On This Page

What Exactly Is Hallux Rigidus?

Hallux Rigidus is a Latin term for Stiff Big Toe. It’s a very common form of arthritis that happens at the Metatarsal-Phalangeal joint of the big toe.

Many of us misunderstand Hallux Rigidus with hallux valgus(commonly known as Bunion) though both of them are markedly different and require different sorts of treatment as well.

Hallux indicates the ‘big toe’ and Rigidus means ‘stiffness’. When your big toe gets stiff or rigid and it doesn’t flex is called Hallux rigidus. In critical conditions, it challenges random activities like walking, running, and even standing somewhere.

Signs And Symptoms Of Hallux Rigidus 

You will go through certain symptoms while affected with Hallux rigidus.

Recking of the pain Orthopaedics divided the stage into 3 grades. The patient with mild pain is considered a Grade-1 patient. Likely moderate and extensive pain refers to the other two grades.

Symptoms Of Primary Stage Hallux Rigidus

Symptoms Of Hallux Rigidus and how does it look like
  • Toe gets stiff and restricted flex
  • Feels Pain when you move
  • Pain gets intense while you run
  • Swelling and toe joint inflammation
  • It becomes worse in cold and damp weather

Symptoms of Severe Stage Hallux Rigidus

  • It pains all the time, also while you rest
  • It will cause your lower back, knee, and hip pain
  • It may cause a ‘frozen joint’

Cause For Hallux Rigidus And Limitus

Hallux Rigidus mainly happens because of the structural abnormalities and defective functions of the foot. If you have exaggerated pronation or flat feet, it leaves huge pressure on the particular joint which causes Hallux Rigidus.

Besides, you can genetically develop the problem as well. If you have any family history regarding hallux rigidus, it can appear anytime.

Hallux Limitus is basically the primary stage of Hallux Rigidus. If the Rigidus remains in the mild to moderate stage, it is called Hallux Limitus.

Treatment of Hallux Rigidus

A man wear 2 different colors of shoes on two legs and Changing shoes also one of the non-surgical ways to treat Hallux Rigidus

You should treat this at the early stage. It gets worse with time which may require serious surgery to recover.

Except for surgery, there are some other non-surgical ways to treat Hallux Rigidus which include:

  • Shoe Modification
  • Use of Orthotics
  • Corticosteroid Medicines
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) etc.

best shoes for hallux rigidus 2022

Good shoes for hallux rigidus 2022

According to a study by the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, “The best shoes for hallux rigidus 2022 are those that have a low heel-to-toe drop, a wide toe box, and a cushioned sole.”

The study also found that while the shape of the shoe doesn’t matter (as long as it fits), running shoes tend to be better than dress shoes.

If you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, check out our recommendations in our product section!

You can’t pick a shoe for hallux rigidus just the way you choose random footwear. You need to know the parameters, attributes, and peaks and valleys of it.

The following points are fundamental to any of the hallux rigidus shoes.


Cross off the shoe with a slack outsole at the very first glance. You need a compatibly stiff outsole that can protect the affected area from outward stroke.

I have seen many brands using worthless soles. Don’t fall for them. If you can’t unearth the sole quality, strict to the list below that includes the 10 best shoes for hallux rigidus. All of them are opted by experts.


The shoe must be flexible to bend at a certain angle. Firmly stiff shoes are very uncomfortable, the worst choice for the rigid finger. So, whatever shoe you are going to buy, make sure it is flexible enough.

Roomy Toe Box

If you ask me which is the ONE feature that a shoe must hold, I would say the ‘Roomy Toe Box.

Hallux Rigidus usually swelled the toe and foot-ball area. Then, it needs some extra room to avoid the painful friction with the shoe wall. So before buying the shoe, check does it holds extra room or not.


A cramped environment is perfect for infection. So you have to keep the interior dry. So make sure your shoe is breathable.

Besides, it makes the shoe comfortable as well as ​odor-free  So you can put it in for a long time.


A comfortable shoe is all about fitting. Doesn’t matter whatever features it holds or how many bucks claims if it doesn’t fit.

So check the size chart before buying it.

10 Best Shoes For Hallux Rigidus

Running Shoes

1. HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 5 Best Running Shoe for Hallux Rigidus

HOKA ONE ONE is considered the most effective footwear manufacturer with medicative values.

Professional athletes and Surgeons recommend the pair specially treating hallux rigidus.

Its seamless overlays, abrasion-free performance, and cushioning proficiency make it the instant pick.

Features : 

  • A rumor says Hoka one will grow older with you. They are really long-lasting shoes.
  • The cushioning system is ultra-effective. It behaves sensibly against shocks and Knaggi vibrations.
  • The soles are firm and sturdy. They will protect you from external hits.
  • If you want to use medicative stuff like orthotics, the removable sole of the shoe will allow you to do the so
  • The shoe offers a breathable upper for inhalation. It helps to keep the inner environment odor-free.
  • A rumor says Hoka one will grow older with you. They are really long-lasting shoes.
  • The cushioning system is ultra-effective. It behaves sensibly against shocks and Knaggi vibrations.
  • The soles are firm and sturdy. They will protect you from external hits.
  • If you want to use medicative stuff like orthotics, the removable sole of the shoe will allow you to do the so
  • The shoe offers a breathable upper for inhalation. It helps to keep the inner environment odor-free.
HOKA ONE ONE Men's Clifton 5 Best Running Shoe For Hallux Rigidus

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HOKA ONE ONE Women's Clifton 5 best Running Shoe For Hallux Rigidus


  • Highly recommended for supination. 
  • Helps to reduce different foot, knee, and sciatic pain.
  • Great for all ages people.
  • Grips well.


  • The shoe runs narrow.
  • Can be too soft.

[Note: Available for WOMEN as well with same features]


Well, if you want to purchase a dedicative footwear, it surely can be your best. It looks great and fairly does its duty against pain, what else do you expect? Grab it.

2. New Balance 840 V4 Best Trail Running Shoes for Hallux Rigidus

What kind of shoe do you consider the Ideal running shoe?

Well, whatever your definition is, it should be like a shoe that is suitable for cushioning and arch support, slip and shock resistant, comfortably flexible, and lasts long considered the ideal running shoe.

In a word, New Balance 840 V4 would be an example of it.

Features : 

  • The Cushioning System and arch support of the shoe put forward maximum comfort, even for overweight people.
  • The stiff but flexible sole will deliver convenient flex while running on both flat and uneven surfaces.
  • Slip-resistant rubber sole maximizes the traction and withholds deforming easily.
  • Payoff a breathable mesh upper and a full-length midsole for better performance.
  • Curtail has several legs and sciatic pains that are troubling for quite some times.
  • A unique pair of shoes that suits well and has a meditative status rarely comes to hand. So, it would be a bad decision to disregard this.
New Balance Men's 840v4 Best Running Shoe For Hallux Rigidus


  • Good for flat feet as well.
  • Appropriate running shoe.
  • Engineered mesh.
  • Seam-less overlays.


  • The shoelace is a little short but ok for the knob. Some people find it convenient though.

According to the customers’ review, this New Balance superstar is great for running both even and uneven surfaces.


If you are going for a trek in spite of having problems like hallux rigidus, heel spur, Claw toe, and Blisters, get this New Balance child to avoid the hazards.

3. Saucony  Kinvara 9 Best Marathon Running Shoe For Hallux Rigidus

As it is a Marathon shoe, you don’t need to worry about its performance of it. Lots of sprinters all over the world wear this shoe while achieving their victory.

Features : 

  • This Athletic shoe is lightweight with a non-slippery rubber sole.
  • The unique unparalleled underfoot makes it appropriate for running long pathways.
  • Efficient cushioning support perpetuates the shock absorbent authority and ensures smooth and even landing.
  • The flexibility of the upper sole is outstanding. It bends at a perfect angle after break-in shoes.
  • The roomy toe box helps to recover the hallux rigidus. And the heel of the shoe reduces Plantar Fasciitis.
  • You can wear socks or orthotics comfortably if needed.


  • Good for flat feet as well with a little arch support
  • Recommended by the Athletes
  • Conveniently flexible
  • Lightweight


  • Some say they are too wide

[Note: Available for MEN as well with same features]


If you are going for a trek in spite of having problems like hallux rigidus, heel spur, Claw toe, and Blisters, get this New Balance child to avoid the hazards.

4. Altra Men’s ALM1937F Torin 4 Best Road Running Shoe for Hallux Rigidus

Have you ever worn any Altra sneakers?

If you don’t, it’s time to get one. You will hardly find any shoe lover who doesn’t have any Altra in his collection.

And the only reason is COMFORT.

Especially the Altra Men’s ALM1937F Torin 4 is the highly consulted shoe ever in this family. It protects like a shield though it is very lightweight.

Features : 

  • The shoe is well structured for running. It keeps the forefoot and heel at the same height which helps to run the trail. 
  • The outsole technology maps the tendons and bones to help it move and bend naturally. 
  • The Quantic midsole ensures a comfortable lightweight ride combined with impressive cushioning supports. 
  • The toe box will give enough space for natural movements. This helps to get rid of hallux rigidus, blisters, plantar fasciitis, etc.


  • Great for both walking and running. 
  • Very lightweight.
  • Soft and flexible. 
  • Hold the feet thoroughly. 


  • Some users complain about the look. 

[Note: Available for WOMEN as well with same features]


What do you think of it? The features it holds make it universal. Are you going for it?

Walking Shoe – Dress Shoe – Sandal For Hallux Rigidus 

1. Orthofeet Best Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetic Shoes For Hallux Rigidus

The name says everything about it. This Orthofeet shoe is designed for medicinal benefits.

Since Diabetic patient needs to walk miles on a regular basis, the shoe they use should be durable and comfortable. And this Orthofeet line is introduced to help that 425 Million people who are living with diabetes.

Whereas, The shoe works mightily for plantar fasciitis and hallux rigidus as well.

Features :

  • The ergonomic sole with multiple cushioning emollients offers grand amenities to fight against several foot problems. 
  • 3 different extended wide, moderate, wide, and extra-wide, will ensure a customized fit. 
  • Includes a fabric interior(seam-free) with a buttery foam padding for oppressed feet. 
  • Springy gell padding of the heel reduces the pressure and ensure a smooth landing. 
  • Compatible arch support and breathable performance frame it to a long time go. 


  • Quality material
  • Extended toe room
  • Comfortable and risk-free.  
  • Customized fit.
  • Ideal for walking and running.


  • A bit heavy.

[Note: Available for WOMEN as well with same features]


Comparing the price and features, the pair is considered the most striking shoe in this price range. Make sure you have embellished your shoe rake with one of these pairs.

2. MBT Men’s Sport 3 Best Walking Shoe For Hallux Rigidus

Running shoes are for some particular purposes but walking shoes are for all-embracing actions.

MBT Men’s Sport3 is the prince of the family. Considering the look, material, comfort, and compatibility, there have no other shoes like that.

Features : 

  • The nylon and leather materials of the shoe are to ensure a long-lasting life. 
  • Features a Non-marking rubber sole that doesn’t leave any scuff marks on the floor. 
  • The synthetic leather upper allows the shoe to breathe. It keeps the interior dry and odor-free.
  • The Masai sensor of the footbed activates the muscle supporting system of the body. It helps to relieve pressure on joints and improve posture and gaits.
  • The curved, multi-layered Patented sole will add extra comfort to your walking experience.
  • It seems more like a therapeutic tool than a shoe because of its potential knack for treating several abdominal and leg issues.


  • Removable Mesh Foot-bed
  • Compatible toe box
  • Alleviate the Hallux rigidus pain
  • Perfect Fit


  • A little heavy in weight

The shoe is dedicated enough to push its extreme limit. The flexibility of soles will allow it to bend smoothly. And it makes it even better than some of the running shoes on the market.

[Note: Available for WOMEN as well with same features]


Indeed, if you need a pair of walking shoes, skipping this will be a bad decision.

3. Skechers Women’s Shape Ups 2.0 Comfort Stride Best Sneaker For Hallux Rigidus

If you are looking for a lightweight and dedicated trubuck leather footgear with special healing properties, there are none but Skechers Shape-Ups.

Skechers upgraded this shoe with a foam footbed. The shoe is designed according to the anatomical structure of the legs. So you will experience the maximum amenities of it.

Features : 

  • Offers Trubuck leather which will provide you with a durable soft fabric texture.
  • The foam footbed brings a heavenly touch to the shoe. The insole is incorporated with memory foam which enhances the strength of the sole.
  • The interior remains cool all the time due to the breathable feature. 
  • It is considered one of the most fashionable and high-quality sneakers out there on the market. 
  • Great arch support, foot-ball support, and roomy toe box shape it into remarkably convenient footwear. 
  • It seems more like a therapeutic tool than a shoe because of its potential knack for treating several abdominal and leg issues.


  • Special recommendation for the women with hallux rigidus. 
  • Stylish and affordable. 
  • Very comfortable.
  • Lightweight.


  • Doesn’t come with black laces, but gray and white laces are available.
  • Not for flat feet. 


If you can overlook the drawbacks and find its feature competent enough, you should go for this. It will help you to renovate the vigor of your feet.

4. Alegria Women’s Paloma Best Dress Shoes For Hallux Rigidus

Alegria, maybe the biggest name in the industry has won gratitude, respect, and heart by delivering shoes with extreme ease.

A comprehensive list of features works on the backdoor to ensure instant gratification to the customer. It works like a gem to alleviate Plantar Fasciitis, Hallux Rigidus, and so on.

Features : 

  • The footwear is made from one high-rated leather which is well known for great grip and slip-resistant performance.
  • The Synthetic Sole keeps the footwear as it is, even after years.
  • 0.75 inches Cushioned Platform minimize the kickback and continues comfortable steppings. 
  • The patented leather upper ensures a smooth and easygoing finishing.
  • The hook and loop strap makes it easy to use. Moreover, it improves the look of the footwear. You can use this on semi-formal and casual occasions.
  • The removal insert allows you to use orthotics. So, no more compromise with foot pain.
  • The roomy toe box takes on the balls of the foot altogether comfortably which is great for hallux rigidus. 
Alegria Women's Paloma Flat Best Dress Shoes For Hallux Rigidus


  • Wide toe box.
  • Buttery leather.
  • Classy look.
  • Perfect for rough use. 


  • Not recommended for no-arch/flat feet


If you have trouble running or walking with your foot pains, this Alegria footwear will sort it out like a pro. So, don’t hesitate to go for this. Highly recommended.

5. Birkenstock BIRK-51791 Arizona Best Sandals For Hallux Rigidus

Sandals are the most suitable footwear for hallux rigidus. Especially when you are staying home or in your workplace, you might feel inconvenient wearing shoes with a big toe problem. Then, you badly need a pair of handy footwear.

This one is my favorite footwear. You will get everything that you expect from this kind of sandals. It is durable, comfortable, looks classy, and comes at a reasonable price. Just like a box of gems.

Features : 

  • The waterproof synthetic sole of Birkenstock gives it eternal life.
  • Suede footbed keeps the feet relaxed and stable. Besides, it is slip-resistant, shock-absorbent, and cushy.
  • The adjustable straps help to hold down a customized fit.
  • The Patented leather-like Birko-Flor upper requires easy cleanup compared to the others.
  • The Cork midsole has added extra value to the footwear. The sole work relieves several sorts of pain effectively.


  • Toe grip. 
  • Compatible arch support.
  • supportive and comfortable. 
  • Compatible for rough uses.
  • Great for plantar fasciitis.


  • A little bigger compared to the regular size.


Taking all the features into the account, I can certify that this is the most enchanting footgear that everyone yearned for.

And that’s why I have recommended this pair only. I didn’t find any other sandals that could be listed with this.

Insole For Hallux Rigidus

1. Powerstep Pinnacle Plus Met –  Best Insoles For Hallux Rigidus

Thanks to Powerstep for introducing such an exceptional insole. It will gift you an amazing life by improving the experience.

Features : 

  • The unique arch-support (semi-rigid) is wonderfully convincing to all low, natural, and high arch.
  • The built-in metatarsal support maximizes the capability of getting extra cushioning to alleviate different types of pain.
  • The Anti-Microbial fabric reduces friction and heat to improve foot health.
  • Powerstep offers dual-layer cushioning support that will ensure long-time comfort and a buttery feeling under there.
  • You don’t need to cut the sole. It will fit perfectly in the shoe.
Powerstep Pinnacle Plus Met Insoles Red and Blue - Best Insoles For Hallux Rigidus


Don’t experiment with the sole. An inappropriate choice can ruin the comfort. You should be strict to the best.

2. Superfeet GREEN Insoles for Hallux Rigidus

Superfeet is another eminent manufacturer who is in the business since 1977 with customer credibility.

Their Patented technology brings a new dimension to this era. When it comes to comfort, durability, support, and performance, there are very few soles that are as good as this one.

Features : 

  • The high-density cushions are extraordinary to absorb irregular shocks. So you will enjoy smooth walking and running experience.
  • Stabilizer Cap provides extra ease and a heel cup of the sole minimizes the unwanted movements and balances your body.
  • The Biomechanical shape supports the foot reducing the stress on the knee, ankle, and feet.
  • The odor-control organic coat helps to have an odor-free environment in the shoe. 

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