Best Shoes For 18 Month Old Boy

There are so many decisions to make when it comes to dressing your baby girl. And shoes are no different. First, you have to choose between a pair of infant shoes or baby booties. Then you have to decide if you want them laced up or slip-on, and perhaps even have a choice of colors.

Today, we’ll be looking at the best shoes for 18 month old babies.

Infant shoes vs. baby booties

First off, let’s talk about the differences between infant shoes and baby booties. Infant shoes are made from soft leather or suede that allows your child to walk comfortably without rubbing against their skin. They’re also designed with flexible soles that allow for natural movement of their feet as they take their first steps.

Baby booties fit snugly around your child’s feet without zippers or laces so there’s no chance they’ll come undone while she’s moving around — or while she’s crawling on her hands and knees! This can be especially useful if you’re taking her out in public places like parks or restaurants where there might be grass or dirt on the ground that could get tracked into other parts of the building if she were wearing open-toed shoes like sandals

Best Shoes For 18 Month Old Boy

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  • Best Baby Shoes : Stride Rite Artie First Walker
  • Best Classic Baby Shoes : Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Cribster Shoes
  • Best Baby Walking Shoes : See Kai Run Stevie II
  • Best Pre-Walking Baby Shoes : Momo Baby Boys Soft Sole Leather Bootie Shoes
  • Best Baby Shoes for Winter : Robeez Felix Snap Booties
  • Best Sporty Baby Shoe : Pediped Dani Originals
  • Best Moccasin Baby Shoes : TPMOCS Fire Walker Moccasins

Baby’s first pair of shoes is one of the sweetest purchases you’ll make. But more should go into it than just picking out an adorable option (although you’re welcome to grab something based solely on the fact that it’s cute, too). Here’s your guide to finding the right walking shoes for your baby.

When should I get shoes for my baby?

Before she’s walking, you really only need socks or booties to keep your baby’s feet warm. But once she starts to walk outside, she’ll need suitable shoes to prevent injuries to her tiny toes. 

When searching for a pair of baby shoes, Brittany Ferri, Ph.D., licensed occupational therapist, says to choose nonskid or rubber soles that will help with stability as your child begins to walk. 

What are the best first walking shoes for baby?

If your baby is learning to walk, you don’t need shoes indoors, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association, which recommends that pre-walking and walking baby shoes be flexible (you should be able to feel your baby’s toes through them) and that they be made with breathable material (leather, cloth or canvas — not plastic). Dr. Ferri also suggests choosing lightweight shoes, which will be the most comfortable for babies to wear. 

How to choose the best baby walking shoes

When you’re buying baby walking shoes, keep on the lookout for a few more criteria recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP):

  • Flexible, nonslip soles. The AAP also recommends that baby’s first shoes should be closed-toe and comfortable for her to wear.
  • Make sure the shoe fits. Baby shoes shouldn’t need to be broken in; they should fit your baby and be comfortable immediately with a bit of wiggle room.
  • No special features needed. The AAP says that sneakers are a great choice and recommends that parents stay away from shoes with wedges, inserts or special arches, as they are not needed and can actually make it harder for baby to walk. 

How do I keep my baby’s shoes on?

Infants are notorious for kicking off their shoes — and older babies may try to take them off on their own. A few tips to keep the shoes on baby’s feet:

  • Be sure it fits. First and foremost, the shoe should be snug without leaving marks when you remove it. “Use your hand to press down at the front of the shoe and feel for the big toe,” says Dr. Ferri. “You will want a couple of inches of wiggle room for the toes but not so much that the shoe is loose.”
  • Buy shoes that adjust to baby’s foot. Shoes with laces, Velcro, elastic ankle bands and snaps can be helpful features if your baby tends to lose shoes often.
  • Try to find a pair baby likes! If your little cutie tries to take her shoes off, test a bunch of different styles. That can help you find one she actually keeps on.

How we chose the best baby shoes

When looking at the best baby shoes, we took into account the above guidelines and made sure that all of our picks were flexible and supportive, while offering plenty of traction. From there, we focused in on the styles that members of the What to Expect community, as well as our editors, have tested and recommend.

Best Baby Shoes

Stride Rite Artie First Walker

Best Baby Shoes - Stride Rite Soft Motion Artie Baby Shoes

Pros: Hook and loop closure, APMA-approved, flexible, memory foam insoles

Cons: Slightly bulky, run small

Why We Love It

Stride Rite is a go-to baby shoe brand for many moms — and for good reason. Not only have their shoes earned a seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), but they also come in an array of fun patterns and styles. We like the Stride Rite Artie First Walker shoes, which are made of flexible rubber soles and memory foam insoles.

Best Classic Baby Shoes

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Cribster Shoes

best baby shoes - converse taylor cribster canvas sneaker

Pros: Stylish, easy to slip on and off

Cons: Run big

Why We Love It

You’re never too old — or young! — for Converse’s classic Chuck Taylor All Stars. Made with a flexible canvas fabric and terry cloth insole, these baby shoes also come with a Velcro front panel — perfect for slipping on and off your baby’s tiny feet.

Best Baby Walking Shoes

See Kai Run Stevie II

Best Baby Shoes - See Kai Run Stevie II

Pros: Easy on and off, adjustable strap, flexible

Cons: Run narrow

Why We Love It

See Kai Run is another brand that’s popular with moms and experts alike (it also earned a seal of approval from the APMA), and this style is best for babies learning to walk. The Stevie II shoes are available in this versatile chambray style and even have a set of elastic laces. Some of the many features include flexible canvas lining, rubber outsoles, removable insoles and adjustable straps.

Best Pre-Walking Baby Shoes

Momo Baby Boys Soft Sole Leather Bootie Shoes

Best Baby Shoes - Momo Baby Soft Sole Leather Shoes

Pros: Breathable, slip on, cute and colorful

Cons: No adjustable straps for snug fit

Why We Love It

Your baby will love these playful leather shoes — which feature colorful, handcrafted designs — almost as much as you will. These baby shoes are made of ventilated leather, so your baby’s feet will stay cool and dry, and they come with elastic ankle bands to keep them firmly in place. The slip-on style makes these best for a pre-walking shoe.

Best Baby Shoes for Winter

Robeez Felix Snap Booties

best baby shoes - Robeez Felix Snap Booties

Pros: Stylish, warm, non-slip, breathable, slip-on

Cons: No adjustable straps for snug fit

Why We Love It

You won’t have to worry about baby getting cold when she’s wearing these stylish corduroy baby boots. We’re also a fan of the non-slip soles, breathable lining and elastic snap closure. Note: These are a slip-on style, so better for your pre-walking little one.

Best Sporty Baby Shoe

Pediped Dani Originals

Best Baby Shoes - Pediped Dani Grip n Go Toddler in silver

Pros: APMA-approved, flexible, slip-resistant, stylish

Cons: Run slightly large

Why We Love It

Another brand that’s earned the APMA seal of approval, this Pediped Dani Originals pair has flexible leather soles that feature slip-resistant diamond tread. We’re also fans of the shimmery exterior and adorable, oversized stitching.

Best Moccasin Baby Shoes

TPMOCS Fire Walker Moccasins

Best Baby Shoes - TPMOCS Fire Walker moccasins

Pros: Handcrafted to order, big range of sizes available, comfortable and durable

Why We Love It

These beautiful TPMOCS moccasins are proudly Native-made and handcrafted to order with a soft cotton liner, genuine leather, deerskin lace and fine waxed sinew, making them a comfortable, durable pick for your little one. What’s more, a portion of the profits go to purchasing clothing and other necessities for underprivileged children living on reservations, according to the brand’s website.

Best Waterproof Baby Shoes

Native Kid Shoes Jefferson

Best Baby Shoes - Native Kids Shoes

Pros: Lightweight, odor-resistant, waterproof, washable, wide range of colors

Cons: Some say they run large

Why We Love It

They may look and feel a lot like sneakers, but these lightweight shoes are made of a special material called EVA that’s waterproof, odor-resistant and tough as nails — exactly what you need when your little one really gets motoring. The shoe also comes in a variety of bright, fun colors.

Best Variety of Baby Shoes


Best Baby Shoes - Clamfeet

Pros: Soft, flexible, wide range of colors and patterns, eco-friendly fabric

Cons: No adjustable straps

Why We Love It

For pre-walkers, Clamfeet’s cotton canvas moccasins are a great choice. The soft-soled shoes are available in wide and narrow sizes for a perfect fit that allows baby’s feet to continue to grow and develop. That’s not all there is to love, though: The shoes, which are made of vegan and eco-friendly fabrics, are available in a wide range of patterns and colors. (If you’re not partial to a particular style, choose the “grab bag” option for a significant discount!) Plus, they’re machine-washable for easy care.

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