If you’re looking for shoes that won’t break the bank, there are plenty of options. Whether you’re a guy or girl, there are tons of shoes out there that will fit your needs without breaking the bank. We’ve picked out 10 pairs of shoes under $150 that we think look great and feel comfortable.

The best part? They aren’t just pretty on the outside. They have all the features and comfort you need from a pair of shoes at this price range.

  1. Nike Men’s Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Banned” Basketball Shoe

If you’re looking for a sneaker that packs both form and function, this is it. The design is inspired by Michael Jordan’s 1985 NBA Finals game against the Celtics which saw the Bulls star suspended for donning these kicks during the contest — hence their name “Banned.” But did they really get banned? Not exactly. They were only prohibited from being worn on court at official NBA games (not in practice).

Despite being banned from playing in them back in ’85, they still remain one of Nike’s most sought-after sneakers to this day.

Best Shoes For 150


Fall is the best time of year for a number of reasons; it’s still warm enough to listen to Drake with the windows down, but not so stifling that you’re pinned to your bed with two fans blowing on your nekkid body. But mostly, fall crushes it because you can leave the house in just about any pair of kicks and they won’t come home wet, salt-stained, or otherwise destroyed by the weather.

While we’re all for you taking advantage before winter strikes by wearing your rarest, most precious grails, fall is also a great time to go full-on classic. We’re talking Nike Cortez, Adidas Sambas, Reebok Classics—that always cool, timeless vibe you can cop for under $150 and without so much as standing in line. To help you dress your feet without breaking your bank account in the process, we’ve rounded up 50 pairs of old school sneakers that are still just as dope today. Find your faves, click to buy, then get out there and have the best fall ever.

1 adidas superstar 0

$80 / Adidas

Adidas Superstar

This is the OG of OG Adidas sneakers. It started as a basketball sneaker, then became so much more.

2 adidas stan smith 0

$90 / Adidas

Adidas Stan Smith

The Stan Smith is as smooth of a fit as the tennis player it’s named after. This shoe is a classic. 

3 adidas busenitz 0

$85 / Adidas

Adidas Busenitz

The Busenitz turns a soccer icon into a skating essential that works with just about any outfit.

4 adidas gazelle 0

$80 / Adidas

Adidas Gazelle

If you’re looking for simplicity in a sneaker, you’ll find it with the Gazelle. This ’90s sneaker fits right in with fashion today.

5 adidas campus 0

$80 / Adidas

Adidas Campus

The Campus is the perfect shoe for people always on the go. It’s fashionable, but simple.

6 adidas samba classic 0

$100 / Adidas

Adidas Samba Classic

The Samba classic is Adidas’ most iconic soccer shoe and fits like a charm. 

7 adidas pro model 0

$90 / Adidas

Adidas Pro Model

This mid-top version of the Superstar gives the streetwear classic a slightly edgier spin.

8 adidas bermuda 0


Adidas Bermuda

The Bermuda was recently rebooted and is looking to live up to the same hype it saw through the ’80s.

9 adidas cup city 0

$95 / Adidas

Adidas City Cup

This is the perfect shoe for a skater with its reinforced gum soles and suede top. You can run these into the ground.

10 adidas nizza 0

$75 / Adidas

Adidas Nizza

The Nizza harkens back to the ’70s where it was worn as a hoop shoe but has since transitioned into the everyday. 

11 adidas handball top 0

$100 / Adidas

Adidas Handball Top

The Handball Top is a performance shoe with the best kind of old school aesthetic. 

converse chuck taylor high top

$55 / Getty Images

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High Top

This 1917 basketball sneaker remains one of the coolest in the game today. 

13 converse chuck taylor all star low top 0 0


Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Low Top

This sneaker, like its high top version, is an instant classic. 

14 converse one star 0

$75 / Converse/Nike

Converse One Star

One Stars are a must-cop for eccentrics and minimalists alike.

15 converse jack purcell classics 0

$65 / Converse/Nike

Converse Jack Purcell Classic Low Top

This might be the most slept-on Converse sneaker of all time. 

16 converse thunderbolt 0

$42 / Converse/Nike

Converse Thunderbolt

Not your typical Converse shoe, but that’s what makes it so good. 

17 fila 95 slip 0

$60 / FILA

FILA 95 Slip

This OG basketball shoe was iconic in the ’90s and it’s coming back stronger than ever right now. 

18 fila mindblower 0

$80 / FILA

FILA Mindblower

The mindblower pops out at you because of the trippy lettering on the shoe’s midsole. Be warned: All eyes will be on you. 

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