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Hiking shoes and boots are sure to rub your feet and cause friction. Without hiking socks, hiking shoes would cut in tight around the toe box and heels and blisters will form over time. Talking about blisters, stiff boots usually cause the most discomfort. If you would be going hunting, that extra layer of a sock liner from the best liner socks for hunting would give great protection to your feet.

Not only should every hiker get hiking socks but, the best sock liners for cold weather are also essential for the really cold months of the year. They help guard against cold and absorb friction and motion in the blister prone areas of the feet.

Among so many names, a few ones stand out as the best liner socks for hiking. Some of these names are; Wigwam Ultimate Liner Pro Socks, Coolmax Sock Liners, Smartwool Sock Liners and also Wigwam liner Socks. These names are some of the best hiking liner socks UK men and women prefer.

Best Hiking Liner Socks
Icebreaker - Hike Liner Crew Sock - Men's - Black
Icebreaker Hike Liner Crew Sock – Men’s

It is a super breathable sock. Its Merino wool helps to wick away moisture.

Icebreaker - Snow Liner Over The Calf - Men's - Black
Icebreaker Snow Liner Over The Calf – Men’s

With a slim profile that fits well into other socks, this sock liner also prevents odors and wicks moisture away.

Product image for black
REI Co-op COOLMAX EcoMade Liner Crew Socks

Made from recycled polyester and keeps, this socks keeps waste out of landfills. It is made from smooth flat toe seams that ensure no bunching inside ones shoes.

Wigwam Ultimate Liner Pro Socks, White
Wigwam Ultimate Liner Pro Socks

These wigwam liner socks have antimicrobial treatment and a seamless toe closure. What you get wearing them for hiking is comfort all through.

Smartwool - Hike Liner Crew Sock - Men's - Black
Smartwool Hike Liner Crew Sock – Men’s

These smartwool sock liners are Ultralight and they double as liner for cold weather. They’re made from Merino wool which makes them odor resistant as well.

If you are going hiking, the best way to totally enjoy the activity is by wearing liner socks that will leave your feet cozy in your hiking shoes.

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