Leslie Sansone is a fitness instructor who has been in the industry for over 30 years. She’s produced many workout DVDs and books, but her best known work is Walk at Home: The Beginner’s Program. This program has been around for years and continues to be popular with many people looking for a simple way to get started with their exercise routine.

The Walk at Home workouts are designed for people who haven’t exercised in some time or ever before. They’re also great if you’re looking for something low impact that won’t put any strain on your joints or cause injury. The exercises are simple enough that even children can participate! You’ll be able to improve your health while having fun with friends or family members.

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Best Leslie Sansone Workout For Weight Loss

The Leslie Sansone Walk at Home Program is exactly what it sounds like. It consists of mainly cardio exercises that you’re able to do in your home.

The program itself is hosted through a paid app, but Leslie also has a few free videos posted on YouTube. The gist of each workout is to give you a whole-body workout that lets you get your sweat on without having to walk around the park.


Almost every routine is a whole-body workout that helps you get tons of cardio work in (hence, the “walking”).

For example, during one month, you get around 25 workouts – usually one workout per day + rest days.

Rest days are very important since they give your body time to recover so it’s good to have at least one rest day per week.

Most of the Leslies’ workouts are full body cardio sessions but her program also includes a bit of HIIT and some resistance training.

For example, workouts for July 2020 include:

  • 11 strictly cardio workouts,
  • 9 workouts that combine cardio with a bit of strength training,
  • 3 HIIT workouts
  • and 4 solely resistance training sessions.


If you read my blog regularly, you probably know that I’m the biggest advocate for cardio. I always emphasise the importance of low to moderate intensity cardio which is something Leslie’s program also focuses a lot on.

Low to moderate intensity cardio is great for losing fat because it puts your body in the so-called fat burning zone. And if you do Leslie’s Walk at home program, during one month, you’ll get around 10 low to moderate intensity cardio sessions.

Most of Leslie’s strictly cardio workouts are similar to this one here and they are actually a lot of fun!

These should help you burn more fat but when it comes to slimming down your legs and losing inner thigh fat, I’m not sure if they are going to have the same effect as power walking outside or on a treadmill.

I personally find that nothing slims down my legs like walking does. So even though I also have some at home cardio alternatives, I prefer power walking outside or on a treadmill.


I believe that a well balanced workout program should include both cardio and resistance (weight) training.

Low to moderate intensity cardio helps you burn fat and resistance training and HIIT (which is a mix between cardio and resistance training) speed up your metabolism and help with muscle toning.

Leslies’s cardio workouts sometimes include a bit of resistance training. During these sessions, she mostly uses resistance bands and targets your upper body.

But she also has some full-body workouts in her app.

Some of those include squats and lunges so I wouldn’t recommend them to Endomorph and Mesomorph girls who want to slim down their legs.

Both squats and lunges target your quads (muscle at the front of your thighs) and make them bigger. So if you don’t want to grow your thigh muscles, I would advise you to skip squats and lunges.

And when it comes to Leslie’s HIIT sessions, they are also very leg focused so Endomorph and Mesomorph girls may notice their legs getting bigger if they do these workouts often.

This is not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong, but I know that some women prefer workouts that won’t increase the size of their legs.

However, as I already said, including HIIT and resistance training in your routine is a great idea because it raises your metabolism (the higher your metabolism is, the more calories you’ll burn) and helps you get toned.

If you skip resistance training completely because you’re afraid that you’ll get bulky and you stick only to cardio, you may develop the so called skinny fat look.

But the good news is that you can definitely do resistance training and HIIT without getting bulky.

I have a very detailed blog post on how to lift weights without getting bulky so feel free to check it out 🙂


I think you can definitely lose weight with Leslie’s workouts as long as you’re eating a clean diet rich in nutrients and stay at a slight calorie deficit.


The Leslie Sansone Walk at Home program is a TON of fun. Her workouts are dynamic and interesting and her personality makes her a fantastic fitness instructor. But that doesn’t mean you should combine her workouts with the Lean Legs Program.

The Lean Legs Program is designed to help you slim down and tone your body without adding any unwanted bulkiness.

My program includes the right type of cardio for your specific body type and a perfect amount of resistance training. And since most of my workouts are already full body, you really don’t need to add any additional workouts.

In fact, adding more workouts can cause you to overtrain and it can, unfortunately, affect your results in a negative way.


I know that getting outside isn’t always easy, but walking outside (or on a treadmill) is one of the best and most effective ways to slim down your whole body and especially legs.

I don’t think that walking/marching in place is going to give you the same results.

So if your goal is to get lean legs, power walking outside or on a treadmill is 100% the most effective workout you can do.

If you’re worried about exercising in a mask or having to stay indoors, see if you can create space in your home for your power walking routine.

Clear the furniture and walk laps in your living room, changing direction every once in a while to keep you from getting dizzy. Walk in your backyard if you don’t want to go out in public. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you’ll be able to get your workout in easily.

Leslie Sansone Review

You probably have heard tales of people who walk every day, aiming to lose weight. None of those tales is more extraordinary than that of fitness personality Leslie Sansone, who started her classes in a church basement. Her brand has grown since then. They are located at 2801 Wilmington Rd New Castle, PA 16105-1251 and their phone number is (724) 658-1400.

She considers her brand one of the finest fitness guides in the world. Sansone has literary walked her way to fame and good health. She has been advising people on losing weight by walking and has an American College of Sports Medication certification.

She offers numerous publications and videos on the benefits of walking, and even the Leslie Sansone Youtube channel has several videos of the programs developed over the years. Her programs have produced over 100 DVDs.

Our research team will help you understand more about the benefits of walking to regain your health and Leslie Sansone’s advice.

  • Canadian Medical Association Journal – Physical exercise can be directly linked to health status.
  • Centers for Disease Control – “If you’re not sure about becoming active or boosting your level of physical activity because you’re afraid of getting hurt, the good news is that moderate-intensity aerobic activity, such as brisk walking, is generally safe for most people.”
  • British Journal of Sports Medicine – A systematic review of research found that walking in groups is safe and effective.

Benefits Of Physical Activity

Benefits of Physical Activity

Many experts believe that maintaining physical activity is the easiest and effective way to keep your fitness. It has been ascertained that an inactive lifestyle poses significant risks of developing dangerous conditions in the body. According to Current Opinions in Cardiology, all you need to do is be physical to see the exercise benefits.

For instance, most people suffering from weight problems reported that they were rarely involved in active and physical activities over long periods.

If you do not develop a strategy that will ensure you do not lead an inactive lifestyle, you can rest assured that in the next few years, you might be seeking medication for the conditions mentioned above.

Research has shown quite a few benefits of physical activity, including the fact that it acts like a “psychoactive drug” that dynamically changes mood, according to the British Journal of Pharmacology.

According to BMC Health, it’s the benefit as a treatment for non-communicable conditions that shines a light on why physical activity needs to be a part of everyone’s life, especially the aging population.

Physical Activities To Consider

Following the findings that being active enhances fitness and healthy living progression, it is important to understand the actual definition of physical activity.

It is widely understood that physical activity is a range of activities you can be involved with that exercises your body.

You have to exercise your body regularly to remain fit. Humans have been conditioned to lead an active lifestyle if they can develop their fitness levels.

You must hit the gym regularly if you have to be at the recommended levels of fitness. You are also required to join jogging sessions to help you burn the extra calories. Plus, there’s a chance you’ll lose weight and achieve your health and wellness goals.

Leslie Sansone Says – Just Walk and Be Healthy

Most people underrate the many possibilities that come with walking. Considering how normal it seems, it is often disregarded that walking cannot help you lose weight.

However, you have not heard the success stories of people who have grown healthy and fit by just walking. Walking is the simplest yet most effective activity you can rely on to grow healthy and fit.

It does not involve paying fees to instructors. You do not have to worry about how to start or what other activities that you can incorporate into walking to succeed.

You just need to start walking and see the results with the next few days. Plus, the CDC says walking can be a great exercise as it doesn’t involve any special skills or equipment.

You need more information on how you can achieve the success you are seeking. At this point, we will introduce you to walk with Leslie Sansone programs.

The Walking Guide By Leslie Sansone

The Walking Guide by Leslie Sansone

Leslie Sansone has developed appropriate guides for different types of people, depending on the objectives that they could have set.

It should be understood that different people have varied reasons for why they need to attain their desired levels of fitness. There could be those seeking to lose extra weight.

There also could be those seeking to maintain their current levels of fitness. Additionally, there could be those seeking to walk to remain active and evade the dangers of the conditions that they could be suffering from.

Leslie Sansone has been able to provide critical guidance that all these groups require of people. You need to get one such guide and be sure; you can plan appropriately.

Getting the Leslie Sansone walkers guide will help you plan more efficiently and be assured that you will attain the objectives which you are setting.

Does Walking With Leslie Sansone Help Health?

The Leslie Sansone belly-blasting walk guides have been popular among people aiming to shed off some pounds.

The guides often detail the benefits of walking and its role in promoting health and fitness.

However, many people are not keen on buying the idea that you can walk and just like that, you maintain your health and regain your fitness.

Well, experts in health and fitness are all in agreement with Leslie Sansone’s guides.

If you maintain a habit of walking for a certain distance consistently, you will help develop and maintain your body’s fitness.

It is important to note that walking is a physical activity, and it will help you burn down the calories that could otherwise contribute to you gaining extra weight.

It would help if you considered taking those walks today. For your guidance, the Leslie Sansone walk it off in 30 days will help you understand what you should be doing.

Benefits Of Walking

Experts agree that your body needs to be active if you want to be healthy and fit. According to Scientific Reports, look for at least 120 to 150 minutes of exercise weekly, with the majority being outside in nature.

Doctors and healthcare providers very well understand the impact of exercise, like walking, on overall health. “We are well aware of the positive effects of regular exercise. Weight control, aerobic fitness, and muscle strength maintenance are all benefits of daily workouts. The cardiovascular system also gains from regular exercise with blood pressure control and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) enhancement, with the commensurate decline in cardiovascular risk depending on the control of other comorbidities, such as smoking,” according to Sports Health.

Unfortunately, most people are mostly held up in office work or any other activities that render them mostly inactive on most days. You risk developing health complications if you do not start being active as soon as possible. Inactivity of the human body has been determined to be a significant cause of weight gain.

Studies have revealed that an inactive lifestyle will most likely lead to weight gain, a situation that will most certainly lead to even more dangerous conditions. You can visit the Leslie Sansone official website today and learn more about the consequences of failing to remain active.

Walking is the most affordable and convenient way you can rely on to be active daily. Leslie Sansone’s videos provide proof that, indeed, walking can do wonders in your life. If you feel you are busy with office work, you can spare using your car in the evening, walk home, or walk some distance before boarding a vehicle home.

You can also set aside time in your evenings and do some walking. A few minutes of walking daily can help your body shield itself from the dangerous conditions you risk developing. You can acquire the Leslie Sansone Walk at home DVD to guide the walking you should be undertaking daily.

Planning For An Effective Walk

Planning for an Effective Walk

From the Leslie Sansone DVD, you will learn that it is not any walking that will help you attain your desired health and fitness levels.

You have to conduct meticulous planning before you begin walking. You can be sure that if you do not plan effectively, you will just be wasting time.

You have to be sure that you understand the goals that you will need to set. You have to know that you have to maintain a certain pace if you have to succeed in your health and fitness quest.

The Leslie Sansone walk away the pounds guide will offer you an elaborate strategy that you can use to plan your walks.

You can also get the Leslie Sansone Walk at Home DVD and use it to plan for the walks you have.

How Long Should You Walk?

1-Mile Walk

The Leslie Sansone 1 mile walk guide is devised for people starting with the walking program.

When you start, you have to condition your body to be in the right frame for the walking activity. Walking for one mile at the pace that the new Leslie Sansone videos recommend is not an easy task.

Start small if you have to gain the benefits of walking into the long-term. Starting the 1-mile walk means that you should understand the challenge at hand and be sure you can plan for the longer walks you should anticipate into the future.

After covering the 1mile walk, you will then be required to take up the challenge of walking for 2 miles.

2-Mile Walk

The Leslie Sansone 2 mile walk guide will enable help you to plan effectively.

Walking for two miles is a vigorous physical activity, which could drain your levels of energy.

You should plan for it and be sure; you are in the right shape to undertake such a vigorous physical engagement.

You must use the guidelines that Sansone has provided to enable you to plan more appropriately to not suffer from loss of energy covering the two miles of walking.

Without the guide, you may find yourself at risk of injuries or improper form.

3-Mile Walk

You can also get the Leslie Sansone 3 mile walk and use it to plan for your even longer walk.

Walking for 3 miles straight is not an easy task for some.

You have to prepare for the physical activities that your body will go through for every minute you will spend in such an event.

The Leslie Sansone’s Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan walk is even more challenging than the Leslie Sansone miracle miles 3 mile walk.

The guide offers your insight on how you will plan for the 5-mile walk. You’ll learn about planning, hydration, and recovery.


Do You Require A Change In Diet?

Once you start any Leslie Sansone walking plan, you’ll, in turn, need to change your diet to be in sync with your weight loss goals. According to the International Journal of Tryptophan Research, “In a recent study, we observed that low-calorie weight loss diet lowered not only levels of leptin but also levels of essential amino acid tryptophan (TRP) significantly. The disturbed metabolism of TRP might affect the biosynthesis of serotonin. It could thereby increase the susceptibility for mood disturbances and carbohydrate craving, increasing the cessation probability of weight reduction programs. Alternatively, moderate physical exercise – a potent stimulus to modulate (reduce/normalize) proinflammatory cytokines, which may affect TRP levels – could be helpful in improving mood status and preventing uncontrolled weight gain.”

You will need to change how you eat to lose weight, but to keep on plan and prevent weight regain or plateau, you’ll need to partner that healthy exercise with a low-calorie diet to stave off mood-based overeating.

The Leslie Sansone diet plan will help you develop an effective eating program that works with your fitness regimen and helps you lose weight.

Portion Sizes On A Leslie Sansone Diet Plan

Portion Sizes on a Leslie Sansone Diet Plan

The Leslie Sansone diet plan recommends you adjusting portion sizes. You can be eating a healthy diet, but you may add weight if you do not watch the portion sizes.

You have to be disciplined enough to understand the long-term positive benefits of adjusting your food’s portion sizes.

You have to ensure that overeating food does not jeopardize your walking program, which is geared to help you succeed.

While eating is not discouraged, you have to watch that you do not overeat while undertaking your walking activities.

The Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds offers you a chance to understand the do’s and don’ts when it comes to what you should consume.

Where To Buy?

You can buy her DVDs at Target, on Amazon, and through various other retail outlets.

Customer Service Contact Information

For help with the Walk at Home App contact: [email protected] You can also ask questions, get help in using the Walkathome app through a support ticket digital.walkathome.com/support.

Walk at Home App

You can get started with the Walk At Home program by using their app. There are tons of goodies on the app like a monthly calendar of workouts to jumpstart your fitness journey. Don’t forget to visit the Walk at Home Library. It houses hundreds of full-length workouts, exclusive content, and special edits.

Monthly Subscription: $4.99/month

Yearly Subscription:  $49.99/year

What Users Are Saying

“This is a great workout and challenging! I noticed my body growing stronger and my endurance increasing after just one week. I love her workout videos and this one is in the list of my favorites. I know you will not be disappointed with this workout DVD!” Mary

“Likes= Leslie is the queen of walk and she may offer the best walk at home product. You can do this workout anytime in your home.
Dislikes= It may not be very effective. I have not lost any weight yet with this program. You would need to also diet and find ways to burn more calories with Leslie’s workout videos.” Frank Enanoza

“I like this the least out of all my Leslie Sansone videos. First, If you only want to do a few miles and not all five, you cannot just pick those miles. It plays the whole DVD and you have to stop it to do the ones you want. The cool down walk in this one is really long and boring and Leslie is talking so much, she forgets that we are still kicking.” P Veit

The Bottom Line On Leslie Sansone

Are we placing an order for Walk at Home right now? Well, not exactly. We are hesitant to suggest these programs because they may be outdated, which is a big problem. There’s also no proof walking in your home is any better than being outside. As a matter of fact, getting fresh air and sunlight can support overall health.

We’re all for exercising to lose weight, but is that the only way to reach your weight loss goals? Our suggestion is to find a weight-loss program that works—one with researched methods and amazing user experiences.

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