The fabric of our Best Cooling Split King Sheets features a moisture-wicking and temperature balancing technology. Our sheets keep you cooler by releasing heat, while allowing you to sleep cool all night. The polyester fibers in the fabric disperse heat naturally, while the wrinkle and fade resistant treatment protects your sheets from wear and tear over time. These sheets are comfortable to sleep on even when it is warm outside.

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Cooling Split King Sheets Wake up to cooler sheets when you use these innovative cooling sheets. Made of 100% cotton, the Best Cooling Split King Sheets are infused with a combination of phase change materials that help regulate your body temperature through the night, keeping you comfortable as you sleep. By morning, these breathable sheets will have absorbed your body heat, then released it back into the air during the day. The result is a freshness that feels cool to the touch all while you’re getting a good night’s sleep.

Best Cooling Split King Sheets are made for the hottest of sleepers. Our proprietary natural wool blend fabric is naturally breathable and temperature-regulating, making it the perfect choice for all year long. These sheets are soft and comfortable, while keeping you cool during hot summer nights.

A sheet set is a basic necessity for every bedroom, but not all sheet sets are created equal. Some are too warm, some are too thin and scratchy, and others don’t fit a standard split-king bed. The Best Cooling Split King Sheets take the guesswork out of buying sheets by combining the best of many worlds together into one product. These sheets have an outstanding 400 thread count softness and strength that rivals many higher count sheets, yet they are made from a special fabric blend that improves breathability, regulates temperature and increases durability. This means that you no longer have to worry about changing your sheets as often or being hot at night because these sheets will stay cool when you need them to be cool!

These Best Cooling™ Split King Sheets are designed to keep you fresh and comfortable at night. The 300 thread count percale weave with a cool-to-the-touch breathable weave is sure to help keep you cool during the summer months, when the temperature rises. These sheets are wrinkle resistant and come in a variety of sizes so that you can find the right fit for your bed.

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Cooling sheets, best cooling sheets and high quality soft silk comfort fabric with elastic band design. The best split king size sheets will make you fall in love with sleeping on them.

Our Best Cooling Split King Sheets are made of soft and durable cotton, with a flat sheet and two pillow cases. Featuring an oversized envelope bottom, they allow you to easily tuck the sheets around your mattresses. The Deep Pocket construction ensures that our Best Cooling Split King Sheets will stay in place all night longand come in a variety of colors that are sure to match any style or decor.

Our Best Cooling Split King Sheets are made with breathable cotton to keep you cool while you sleep. These sheets feature deep pockets and a 200-thread count, which will keep your sheets in place all night long.

Our Cooling Split King Sheets are perfect for the summer heat. Made of 100% cotton with a 300 thread count, our best cooling sheets have a soft fabric composition that provides excellent breathability. They are specially designed to help reduce body heat, thus providing you with a restful sleep anytime you need it most.

Cooling split king sheets are designed to regulate temperature, keeping you cool while you sleep. Our sheets are made from premium cotton and finished with a striking diamond design. Each sheet set contains a flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcase.

This smooth, luxuriously soft cotton percale sheet set features an enhanced cooling system, which includes a Tencel® fiber treatment to help dissipate heat and moisture through the night. These cooling dual zone sheets are especially ideal for those who tend to sleep hot. The set includes a split king-sized flat sheet, fitted sheet and two king pillowcases.

The coolest and most innovative sheet set on the market. This set will keep you cool, even during the hottest days of summer. We did not use any man-made fibers to make these sheets because we wanted you to have the most comfortable sheets possible.

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We’ve taken a sheet and made it better. Our Best Cooling Split King Sheets are designed from the ground up to create the perfect sleeping environment. A soft cotton percale weave offers a silky smooth feel for years to come, while innovative Eco Enviro technology helps retain your body’s natural heat during those warm summer nights. In fact, these sheets are so breathable and comfortable you’ll never want to get out of bed – no matter what time of year it is!

Best Cooling Split King Sheets – Cooling Performance & Temperature Regulating Fabric Cooling Performance & Temperature Regulating Fabric: The material is a specially treated, long staple cotton that has been teamed with a silicon finish and hi-tech fabric which is knitted and then finally washed to ensure softness and lasting performance. All of these features result in an exceptionally breathable fabric that will absorb and disperse heat away from your body for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The Best Cooling Split King Sheet Collection is made of the finest cotton and constructed to provide superior comfort and incredible deep sleep. These sheets are hypoallergenic and have a split design to fit over mattresses up to 19 inches thick. They also have deep pockets to fit over mattress depths up to 15 inches. Most relevant customer reviews (91)

The Best Cooling Split King Sheet Set is an excellent choice for people who need a comfortable and soft bed to sleep in. The sheets feel silky and smooth against your skin, but still feel strong enough to last many years of use. They have a good amount of elasticity, which helps them stay in place and hold up well over time. The fabric fibers are built strong so they won’t fray easily or break down into threads.

These sheets are made of 600-thread count pima cotton fabric and hypoallergenic polyester filling, both of which increase breathability. This is important because it enables air to circulate through the weave of the fabric, allowing heat to dissipate faster than normal sheets.

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