We all have our favorite colors. But what about the colors that make us feel like we’re wearing a dress shirt? The best colors for dress shirts are those that make you feel confident, put together, and ready to take on the world. They’re the ones that make you look good and feel good—in short, they’re the ones that work best with your style! We’ve put together a collection of some of our favorite colors (and combinations) for dress shirts so you can pick out your own perfect shade and look like a million bucks.

Best Colors for Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are one of the most versatile things you can own. You can wear them to work, to a wedding, or even just around the house. But they’re also very easy to mess up—which is why you want to make sure you’re picking out the right colors!

In this post, we’ll go over some of the best colors for dress shirts so you can find your perfect fit and look on point every time.

Trying to find the right color of shirt for your wardrobe is a lot like trying to choose the correct shade of lipstick. You have to consider your skin tone, hair color, and eye color before you can make a good decision.

But when you’re looking for dress shirts, it’s not just about what goes with your skin tone—it’s also about how the shirt will look when you wear it with other items in your wardrobe. You need to think about whether or not the color will clash with your pants and tie if you plan on wearing them together.

But don’t worry! We’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite colors for dress shirts, along with some tips for matching them with other pieces in your closet!

When you’re looking for the perfect dress shirt, it’s easy to get caught up in the details. You want something that will last you a long time, but it also has to look good on you, and fit just right. The color of your shirt can make or break an outfit, so picking the right one can be the difference between looking like a million bucks or just another guy in a boring button-up.

We’ve put together this list of our favorite dress shirt colors to help you find the right fit for any occasion!


Men’s Classic White Dress Shirt Photo SuitShop

Whether you work 9-5, freelance you’re a tech bro, one wardrobe staple you all have in common is the men’s dress shirt.

And as easy as these fits look to pull off, choosing the right colour can be tricky.

Now while you don’t have to be a fashion designer or stylist to pull off a proper dress shirt fit, you should have a little more help with the right colours.

So let’s figure out some essential yet stylish men’s dress shirt colours, why each colour works for you and what to pair them with.

White Shirts

An essential clothing staple, white remains the classic go-to colour for men’s dress shirts mostly because of its versatility.

Also accounting for its popularity is that it matches everything. Regardless of whatever colour of pants, sweaters or shoes you have on, you’ll always look sharp with a white shirt. You can pair a white shirt with a blue suit, black suit, white shirt, in fact, whatever colour and combination you can think of.

Light Blue Shirts

Another men’s clothing staple, light blue men’s shirts, is an essential colour to include in your wardrobe. While not as versatile as white shirts, light blue also works great with other colours, including grey, khaki, white and browns.

Not only is it versatile, but light blue shirts also look great on all skin tones. So if you like, pair your light blue men’s shirt under a grey, blue suit or some white pants for a more relaxed look.

Grey Shirts

Another essential colour, grey, also makes for a great alternative to white and the key to pulling this off is to choose a light grey shirt.

This is because pairing darker grey shirts can be tricky. Pair your light grey shirt with a navy blue blazer or suit jacket.

A light grey shirt looks especially sharp under a navy blue blazer or suit jacket.

Army Green Shirts

And no, I don’t mean having to wear an army uniform. This green shade gives off a casual, masculine vibe. And before picking out an army green shirt, you should remember that while it might look great for office and casual wear, you should probably leave it at home for formal occasions.

Also, try not to pair your army green shirts with other green or brown outfits.

Black Shirts

Imagine our list without black men’s shirts? Incomplete, that’s what it’ll be. But there are rules to styling your black shirt.

Keep your black, white and bolo ties away from your black shirts; I personally could do without seeing that said pairing.

But what I surely like is a black dress shirt paired with a grey suit to channel your inner Clooney. Just make sure to pair your look with black accessories for a smooth finish.

Best colour combinations for dress

You’ve heard it before: the best way to make a good impression is to be well-dressed. But how do you do that?

It’s simple, really. You just need to know how to choose the right colors for your dress. It can be tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be like second nature.

Colors are a big part of our visual world. They can help us identify things, they can make us feel specific emotions, and they can even affect how we feel about ourselves. When it comes to fashion, one of the most important things to consider is your color palette. Do you like bright colors or dark shades? Does one color in particular make you feel better than others? Understanding what you like and dislike will help you choose the right clothing for your body type and skin tone.

The best way to find out what colors work best for you is by experimenting with different combinations on your own! Here are some great tips to get started:


color combos cover.png

In the dead of winter, it’s pretty easy to get tired of your wardrobe. Winter is dragging on, outside it’s cloudy and grey, and you’ve been wearing your cold weather clothes for months. But spring is still weeks away, so how can you inject some life into what you’re wearing every day? With color! And I’m not just talking about adding one dramatic pop of color to your look today – how you pair colors also has a big impact on the liveliness, effervescence and joy you find in your outfits.

Many clients that I work with already have a good amount of color in their closets, but they’re a bit reticent about combining colors in new and different ways. So, if you’re ready to try some color pairings that you may not have thought of before, check out 10 color combinations that always work, and will keep you looking stylishly cool (and hot!) no matter how dreary the weather.


Navy and orange are a traditionally nautical combo, but when you combine them with modern shapes, they create a big impact. And one way to exponentially increase the impact is with bold, solid blocks of color – an orange trench over navy separates or a dark blue dress accented with orange booties feels current, stylish and fun.


Burgundy has become a fall/winter neutral, so it’s time to wear it with something unexpected, like blush. Blush might feel a little spring-like, but with burgundy it creates a sophisticated statement (click here for other uncommon burgundy color combos). 

If you’re nervous about wearing two colors in one outfit, you can decrease the intensity of one (or both) with texture. Lace, eyelet, tweed, etc. add shadows into the fabric and can tone it down to a level that you’re more comfortable with.


When you want to be seen, adding yellow and green is a great way to do it! And if you don’t have both yellow and green items hanging in your closet, never forget that accessories can be just as dynamic in adding vitality to your outfits. Check out this blog post for 3 outfits that go from safe to stunning with a simple change of accessories.


When I bring up blue and pink, you may think of a gender reveal party – but don’t! I’m not talking about baby blue and pale pink – the combo I love is medium to dark blues worn with shades of hot pink. The great thing about these colors is that you can select specific tones based on your preference – you really can’t go wrong.

And if you’re not confident in your combination, find prints that combine the colors you like. The hard work is already done for you, and then you can choose accents that play up the pairing.


red fuchsia.png

When choosing colors to wear, you can consciously (or subconsciously) go for a warm combo, cool combo or a warm and cool contrast. Red and fuchsia is a favorite warm mix that always turns heads. It’s bold, it’s daring and says, “I love color!” 


When you’re looking to play with a cooler combo, I’ll always turn to teals and blues and greens. They reflect shades of the ocean, of grass and sky, and feel contemporary and street-wise when worn together.


Combining colors isn’t always about pairing strong and intense shades – you can create a completely smart and chic combo with a neutral base and a bright accent. Grey with yellow is a duo that I return to often, especially for clients that prefer grey, but are willing to try a ‘pop’. For ideas on incorporating a pop color into your wardrobe, read this.


Camel and black is a timeless coupling that always feels right. Yes, it’s not as ‘in-your-face’ as some other combinations, but if you’re looking for subtle yet refined look, this is it. And if you need to add some pizazz, how about wearing a cheetah or leopard print?


White does amazing things for all colors. It multiplies the intensity of any shade and makes it stand out that much more. In summer, white amplifies brights – but in cooler weather, I love what it does to olive. It’s a smart and clean combo that you can take from work to weekend and back.


Monochromatic dressing can feel altogether stylish or plain and boring – it’s all about how you put it together. An ideal way to add interest is by playing with shades of the same color – in this case, shades of grey. Pulling pale greys, medium tones and charcoals into a look is one of my all-time favorite ways to feel quietly sophisticated yet supremely stylish in a laid-back and relaxed manner.  

When you’re going for a tonal grey look, don’t forget about print and texture – they add needed dimension whether you’re wearing a tweedy coat or snake print boots.

What color combo will you try this week?

Black and White Wedding Dress

The Black and White Wedding Dress is a gorgeous, classic design. It’s made from 100% silk and features a strapless bodice and a high waistline. The skirt is made from layers of tulle that fall in voluminous pleats and look amazing when paired with heels or flats. This is one of the most timeless designs on our site, so if you’re looking for something timeless and classic, this is the dress for you!

This stunning, classic gown is made of white silk satin with a contrast black lace overlay. The bodice is strapless with a sweetheart neckline and buttons along the back. A gorgeous tiered tulle skirt complements the look perfectly.

This dress comes in sizes 2-20

This black and white wedding dress is a classic look that will never go out of style.

This dress has a high neckline, which gives it a timeless feel, and the sleeves are short enough to keep you cool in the summer. The skirt is full, but not too much so that you can’t dance all night with your partner. The back of this dress is completely open, making it perfect for dancing or even just showing off your tattoos!

If you’re looking for a dress that will make your wedding day as unique as you are, then look no further than our black and white wedding dress collection.

We have a variety of styles to choose from, including strapless, halter neckline, and mermaid silhouettes. The dresses come in two lengths: short (knee-length) and long (floor-length).

Our black and white wedding dresses are made from the highest quality materials such as silk chiffon, satin and lace. They’re designed to hug your curves in all the right places and give you a sleek silhouette on your big day.

We also offer customization options so you can design a dress that is truly one of a kind!The black and white wedding dress is a classic look that never goes out of style. It’s elegant, it’s timeless, and it’s perfect for any bride on her big day.

The black and white wedding dress is a classic choice for a bride. Its simplicity and elegance make it perfect for almost any wedding, whether you’re getting married in a church, out on the beach, or in the backyard with your closest family and friends.

There are many ways to incorporate this look into your wedding day: you can choose to wear white shoes or go barefoot (we love the latter), and you can accessorize with flowers, headpieces, jewelry, or even a veil.

A black and white wedding dress is an elegant choice for the bride who wants to make a statement. A black and white wedding dress can be quite striking, as it contrasts with the traditional color scheme of a wedding, which consists of white and gold or ivory. This can be a fun change for brides who are tired of seeing all of their friends in the same color scheme.

Black and white wedding dresses are also very versatile. They can be worn by brides who want to stand out without looking too flashy or over the top. Many women choose to wear black and white because they like how it looks on them, but this is not necessary. Colors such as gray, silver or gold may also be used instead of black or white if desired by the bride.

Black and white wedding dresses are a timeless classic. They’re elegant, flattering, and chic, which is why they’ve been a popular choice for brides for decades.

But do you know the history behind these dresses? The origin of this color scheme? We did some research and found out some interesting facts about black and white wedding dresses. Check them out below!

First up: black and white wedding dresses have been around since ancient times! In fact, they were common in Roman weddings as well as in Eastern cultures.

The modern version of this dress style has been popular since the 19th century. It became especially trendy after Queen Victoria wore one while marrying Prince Albert in 1840—that’s when it really took off!

Black and white wedding dresses are a classic choice for brides, and for good reason: they’re chic, timeless, and can be paired with almost any color scheme. But while they look great together, the two colors aren’t necessarily made for each other—in fact, they can clash if you don’t know how to style them.

Here are some tips for wearing black and white together:

-Black is a very powerful color; it’s regal and elegant, but also serious—it’s important to keep balance in mind when pairing it with white.

-Try to avoid black and white stripes or prints—they’re too much of a departure from your overall look.

-Go for a light shade of gray instead of pure black if you want something that feels less severe.

White is the color of purity, innocence and new beginnings. A white wedding dress is a symbol of new beginnings and a fresh start.

Black is the color of sophistication, elegance and mystery. A black wedding dress is a symbol of sophistication and style. It can also represent your love for black-and-white films.

What’s more classic than a black and white wedding dress?

This is the one that you’ll want to wear if you’re looking for a dress that will stand the test of time. You can wear it again and again, and it will never go out of style. It’s not just a wedding dress—it’s an investment piece that will last through every stage of your life.

Black and white wedding dresses are a classic combination, with many brides choosing to wear the two colors in their wedding day attire.

Black and white wedding dresses can be combined in many different ways, depending on your style and taste. One popular option is to wear a white dress with black lace overlay or trim, but there are other ways to incorporate black and white into your ensemble as well.

If you decide to go with a traditional black dress with white lace, have fun finding ways to add some personality into the mix. For example, you could choose a long-sleeve version of the dress or add some embellishments like buttons or beading at the waistline. You can also consider adding some pops of color such as red shoes or accessories like jewelry or even flowers for an added touch!

Black and white wedding dresses are all the rage these days, and for good reason. They’re sleek and timeless, classic yet cutting-edge, and they always make a statement. If you’re looking for a unique take on bridal style, this is it:

Black and white wedding dresses are perfect for you if…

You want to be different

Wedding trends come and go—and sometimes, they’re back again as soon as they disappear! But black and white wedding dresses are different. They never go out of style and they never get old. You’ll be able to wear your dress again and again without feeling like you’re wearing something outdated or clichéd.

You want to look sleek

Black and white wedding dresses are sleek by design. The combination of black with white makes them look streamlined in a way that other bridal looks can’t quite match—and that’s not just because they’re monochromatic! It’s also because the contrast between the two colors creates such an interesting visual effect that you won’t have to worry about adding in any extra details or accessories (unless of course you want to).

You want something classic

It’s time to stop thinking about what your wedding dress will look like and start thinking about how it will make you feel.

Wedding dresses don’t have to be one color or another, but they do have to reflect who you are as a person. That’s why we’re here at [company name]—to help you find the perfect dress for your big day.

We know that some people want to go all-out with their wedding day attire, while others want to keep things simple. We also know that there is no wrong way to do this! Regardless of whether you’re looking for a traditional gown or something more modern, our stylists are here to guide you through the process of finding the perfect wedding dress for your big day.

Black and White Wedding Dress

No matter what your style, this stunning black and white wedding dress is sure to make you look like a million bucks! It’s made of 100% silk satin and features a plunging V neckline and open back. The skirt has an A-line silhouette with a chapel train.

The Black and White Wedding Dress is a stunning combination of classic beauty and modern style. Featuring a white beaded bodice, with a black satin skirt and train, this dress is perfect for a wedding in any season. The ruching on the sides of the skirt adds just enough volume to make this dress feel full without being overwhelming.

Black and white wedding dresses are a classic choice. They’re timeless and classy, with a dash of sophistication. The colors are flattering for pretty much all skin tones, and the contrast between the two colors makes for a striking look.

If you’re looking for an easy way to add some drama to your wedding day look, then this is it!

Are you looking for a classic, timeless look for your wedding? A black and white wedding dress is the perfect choice.

Black and white is a classic color combination that has stood the test of time and will continue to be beautiful for years to come. The simplicity of this color scheme can make it easy to find the perfect dress for your big day.

If you’re going for a traditional look, then a black and white wedding dress is ideal. The classic colors can easily be paired with other colors like red, blue, or yellow to create a modern twist on an old favorite.

Black and white are such classic colors. They never go out of style, and they’re always appropriate for any occasion. This wedding dress is no exception!

We love the long sleeves and high neckline that make this dress feel elegant and sophisticated, but still totally appropriate as a wedding dress. The lace trim adds just a touch of femininity to the otherwise simple gown. We think it would look great with a black veil or headpiece!

Black and white wedding dresses are a classic choice for brides. They give you the best of both worlds: a clean, sleek look that’s perfect for winter weddings, and a splash of color to brighten up your day.

If you’re looking for a wedding dress that’s simple, elegant, and timeless, this is it.

With a black and white wedding dress, you can go for a classic look that will never go out of style. You can choose from a variety of styles, including ball gowns, mermaid dresses, and sheath styles. The dress is also available in a variety of fabrics including silk satin and chiffon.

The black and white wedding dress is a timeless classic. It is the perfect combination of sophistication and class, which makes it a great choice for any bride.

The black and white dress will never go out of style, and it is easy to find one that fits your body type. You can find a simple black and white dress at any bridal store, or you can create your own unique look with the help of a custom designer.

If you are looking for something more unique than just plain black or white, there are many other options available such as red and black, or even yellow and blue! These colors work well together because they contrast each other nicely without being too overwhelming on your eyes when you look at them together on one dress (like green would be).

Black and White Wedding Dress

A black and white wedding dress is a classic choice for many brides, but it’s not always the right one. If you’re looking to make your wedding day a little bit more exciting, consider adding some color to your dress!

Wedding dresses come in all kinds of colors these days, so there’s no reason why you can’t have your dream dress if you want it. Just remember that if you do choose to add color to your wedding gown, it’s important to choose shades that complement each other well.

Black and white wedding dresses are a timeless choice for a bride. They are elegant, sophisticated, and classic. Black and white wedding dresses can be worn by any size or shape of bride. Regardless of whether you are tall or short, thin or curvy, black and white wedding dresses will look great on you!

Black and white wedding dresses are perfect for brides who want to stand out from the crowd at their weddings. These dresses can be adorned with sparkles or crystals to give them a glamorous look that is sure to impress everyone at your wedding.

Black and white wedding dresses are also very easy to find in every size imaginable. You do not have to worry about finding your dream dress because there is definitely one out there waiting for you!

Black and white wedding dresses are a timeless choice for brides. From the simple, elegant style of traditional black and white to the classic, vintage look of black and white lace, these dresses can be worn again and again after the wedding day.

A black and white wedding dress is perfect for a bride who wants to make a statement.

The color scheme is timeless, and it’s also classic, which means that a bride can wear it again.

Most brides choose to wear black or white for their wedding day because they want to ensure that all eyes are on them.

The black and white wedding dress is a timeless choice. It can be worn by someone who wants to look classic and elegant, or by someone who wants to make a statement. The color scheme allows for nearly limitless options when it comes to accessories and hair color.

In this article, we’ll discuss the history of the black and white wedding dress as well as some of our favorite looks from celebrities who have worn them in real life.

If you’re looking for a dress that will make you look and feel like the elegant bride you were meant to be, then the Black and White Wedding Dress is for you.

This dress is made with a beautiful high neckline that shows off your collarbones, and is designed with a fitted bodice and flared skirt. The lace detail on this dress makes it look like you’re wearing something from another time. The train on this dress is also very long, giving it an elegant touch that makes it perfect for any wedding venue.

We are excited to offer you a line of black and white wedding dresses. Whether you are looking for a simple, classic style or something more modern, we have what you need. Our collection is carefully curated to include only the best gowns, so you can rest assured that your dress will fit your needs and style perfectly. We have a wide range of styles including mermaid, A-line, sheath, fit and flare, princess ball gown, strapless empire waistline, trumpet sleeve, halter neckline and more.

Our collection also includes different lengths such as short cocktail length with spaghetti straps or long formal length with lace cap sleeves. You can choose between long sleeve styles that feature lace detailing or short sleeved styles with ruching at the shoulders for an elegant look that will make heads turn at your upcoming event!

Not only do we offer a wide range of styles but we also have everything from short prom dresses to maxi dresses in our inventory so you’re guaranteed to find something that fits your unique personality!

Black and white wedding dresses are the perfect choice for a bride whose style is minimalistic and timeless. The color scheme is classic, making it a great option for brides who want to stand out from the crowd at their wedding without looking too flashy or gaudy.

If you’re looking for an elegant look that will make your wedding photos stand out from the crowd, black and white wedding dresses are a great way to do it.

If you are looking for a black and white wedding dress, you have come to the right place. We have a great selection of black and white wedding dresses, including one shoulder dresses, princess cut dresses, mermaid cut dresses, and more. Our collection of black and white wedding dresses includes all your favorite designers, including Vera Wang, Alfred Angelo, and David’s Bridal. Whether you want to wear something classic or go for something with a little more edge, we have exactly what you need.

The black and white wedding dress is a classic look that has been around for decades. It’s a timeless look that will never go out of style. It’s also a great way to stand out from the crowd at your wedding.

The classic black and white wedding dress is made up of a long skirt and either a short or long top. The top can be strapless or have sleeves, but it should always be made of silk or satin. The skirt should be circular at the bottom, with pleats in the front and back, and it should flare out to create a full skirt that touches the floor when you walk (but not drag).

There are many variations on this theme, including dresses with lace accents or accents in other colors like red or green. If you’re looking for something more modern than traditional black and white, try pairing it with a bright accent color like yellow or orange instead!

Black and white is a timeless color combination. It’s classic and elegant, and it works well at any time of the year.

If you’re looking for a wedding dress that will be timeless, this is it. It’s all about simplicity, but still has some fun details like the lace-up back and beaded trim.

If you want to wear your hair up or down, this dress can do either. The sweetheart neckline is flattering on most body types and allows for lots of different hairstyles.

White shoes or black? You decide!

A black and white wedding dress is the perfect choice for your special day.

By choosing a black and white dress, you can ensure that everyone at your wedding will be able to wear the same color theme and coordinate their outfits easily. This makes it easy for everyone to look great! You can also choose two different shades of black or white if you want something more nuanced.

Black and white dresses can be worn by any type of bride, regardless of body type or style preferences. For example, if you’ve got curves, you can wear a form-fitting black gown with an open back that shows off your curves while still looking elegant and refined; if you’re more conservative, a high-necked lace dress with some flare around the hips will do wonders for hiding any unwanted pounds while still looking chic as hell!

Black and white dresses are also very versatile when it comes to styling options: try pairing them with nude heels (or even better—black heels), pearls or sequins, or maybe even a fancy hat! The possibilities are endless because there are so many ways to mix up this classic color scheme.

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