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Bed sheets are the heart of any bedroom. If you want to make your bedding look great and feel soft, we have a wide range of bed sheets and pillowcases to choose from. Our bed sheets will ensure you get a good night’s sleep, while providing a calming backdrop for everyday living.

Big Brother Cotton Bedsheets in Nigeria

We sell high quality sheets which include American Cotton, Big Brother and many more. We are a reliable and trusted organization that has achieved much in the industry. We deal with all kinds of bedsheets in Nigeria. Our aim is to give you nothing but the best products for your home décor. If you wish to purchase any product please contact us through our numbers below or visit our website

Bedsheet Fabric Designs

Bedsheets are one of the most important fabrics in our lives. They provide us with comfort, warmth and the much needed rest that we need to rejuvenate ourselves after a long day. The design of the bedsheet fabric is an important factor to take into consideration when choosing your bedsheets.

There are many different types of bedsheet fabrics available in the market today, ranging from cotton to polyester and even satin. Each type of fabric has its own benefits and disadvantages which will be discussed below so that you can make an informed decision when choosing your next set of sheets.

Cotton Bedsheet Fabrics

Cotton is probably one of the most popular types of fabrics used for making bedsheets because it is soft against your skin and breathes well thus allowing your body to stay cool throughout the night. It also absorbs moisture which makes it easier for you to dry off after taking a shower with no hassle whatsoever.

However, cotton is not very durable as it tends to shrink when washed so you should always wash them separately from other clothes or else they will shrink as well! This may not be ideal if you have children who tend to make messes often or pets who shed hair all over everything.

Cotton is a natural fiber and it is very comfortable to sleep on as it does not cause any allergies or skin irritations. The downside of using cotton sheets is that they tend to get wrinkled easily and require ironing before use. Satins are made from synthetic material and do not require ironing to look neat, but they can be expensive than other fabrics such as cotton or polyester.

Polyester Bedsheet Fabric

Polyester is another synthetic material which is inexpensive but tends to get wrinkled easily like cotton sheets do when washed regularly without any care taken during washing process by hand or machine washing technique only using cold water temperature setting with no detergent added at all times during wash cycle along with drying process before use again otherwise it will shrink considerably once dried out after washing cycle done properly until finished drying process

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