The bed comforter and sheet set is an excellent value for the quality. We’re impressed with how soft and durable the fabric is and we love that it’s so easy to wash. The neutral colors work well in any room in the house, so you can use this set seasonally or year round! Lastly, we enjoy the fact that they go together perfectly (no need to match)

I have been sleeping on this bed comforter and sheet set for more than 3 years. It is machine washable, so it can be cleaned as needed. It is very soft, not scratchy at all like most comforters are, but that is probably because of the material used in its construction. I will say that I was a little worried about buying a bedding set without feeling it first because of how it would feel against my skin, but after taking the plunge and ordering one I have to say I am very happy with my purchase.

We are so pleased with this bed comforter set. The sheets fit very well and feel great on your skin. Colors are beautiful in person, just as they appear online.

this comforter is very nice. Its very light weight and it can be used year round. the sheet set is smooth and nice feeling to sleep on. I would recomend this product to everyone.

I am in love with this bed set. The comforter is so light and fluffy and warm, but not too warm really. I have a hard time staying in bed when it’s cold outside, but this comforter was perfect! And I know down is the best thing for your body since it’s so light and fluffy, so worry not about allergies. I also got the sheet set, which has been great for myself but didn’t work well with my husband who doesn’t like things that are tight or snug around him. For me, they fit perfectly on my queen bed (and yes, I do get into them everyday regardless of the season)

Deep pockets fit any mattress type. Machine wash and dry in warm water. Creme de la creme and luxury bedding.

Our bed comforter and sheet set are the perfect choice for a good night’s sleep. It features a 250 thread count woven cotton sheet set with Eucalyptus fibers that are great for preventing bedbugs and dust mites, as well as offering hypoallergenic properties. The comforter is full of luxurious egyptian cotton duvets, with soft microfiber filling to provide extra comfort.

I have been using the bed comforter and sheet set for around 4 weeks. The weight is perfect, not too thin and not too heavy. I love how I am able to get up in the morning and not worry about snagging my clothes while getting ready for work.

This comforter is great quality and soft. I have washed it a few times, and it has held up well. It also wicks away moisture and instantly dries, which is what I was looking for since I hate having to flip my bedding to dry in the morning.

We at the honest mattress review team have tested many types of comforter and found this one to be hands-down the best. This set comes with everything you need to get a great night’s sleep. It has a nice feel and softness, but not too soft, as it lacks fillers that cause allergies in some consumers. The bedding set is extremely durable, with several users reporting it still looks new after years of use.

A great choice for anyone looking for a soft, comfy and cozy set of sheets. These sheets are a definite upgrade from the basic sets you find at home improvement stores. I was tired of having my feet stick out from under my covers (I’m weird like that) and these solve the problem perfectly. They dry quickly in the dryer too, which helps with staying on top of laundry chores. The only negative about them is that they are so soft that I tend to sleep hot now – but this isn’t necessarily an issue with the sheets themselves; just something to be aware of when choosing a fabric you like!

This is a nice set for the price. It is soft, warm and good quality. The different colors are pretty and allow you to mix and match according to your taste. The only negative aspect is that it takes longer than usual to air dry and get completely dry.

I bought this bed comforter and sheet set. It is soft, fits perfectly on my queen size bed and has cool temperature control technology that keeps me cool at night.

Quality Bed Comforter and Sheet Set

This comforter and sheet set is simply amazing. The microfiber keeps us cool during the hot summer nights and the duvet feels very nice on our skin. One of the best things about this set is that the comforter actually stays in place while sleeping! The material dries quickly after washing but it’s not particularly breathable so it can be hot during warmer months but only if you use a lower sheet than recommended. In general, this is a great quality product and I highly recommend it!

We really love the quality, warmth, and look of this comforter. The color blue is very rich and beautiful.The set comes with the comforter and two pillow shams which give great color contrast on the bed. The fitted sheet has elastic all around making it easy to put on and take off your mattress while keeping it secure. It also fits a mattress ranging from 14 inches to 18 inches deep. Lastly, there are two extra deep pockets that provide more protection by keeping more of your bedding between you and your mattress.

This is a beautiful set of bedding. The quality of the fabric and design is very high standard. I would definintely recommend this prodcut to anyone who would like to have a classie look for their bedroom. It washes great and keeps its color and softness after many washes.

The comforter is soft, cozy and cool. It’s absolutely perfect for Spring and Fall or even summer nights. The sheets are soft and the quality is good.

This bedding set has been reviewed as a high quality product with great design and material. The comforter is soft, cozy, and warm while the sheets are smooth and feel great against your skin. It is easy to clean, dries quickly, comes out of the dryer ready to go again. Completely machine washable so you don’t even need to worry about hand-washing anything!

The Bed Comforter & Sheet Set is a best seller on Amazon. It includes a comforter and two pillow covers, which you can use alone or in combination together to perfectly match your decor needs! The fabric is 100 percent polyester, so it’s soft and breathable. This sheet set comes in a variety of colors, so you can match your decor and add some personality to your bedroom space!

These Quality: 5-Star Comforter and sheet set are luxuriously soft, and made of 100% polyester material. It is machine washable, tightly woven and durable. We double stitch every side to ensure twice the strength of other bedding products on Amazon. The comforter with stripe pattern will add a bold touch to your bedroom

The mattress, comforter and sheet set are excellent in every way! They are very soft to the touch, yet very supportive of your body. The color is rich and beautiful.

Great comforter for the money, my husband and I are both very happy with this set. The comforter is very warm but not too hot, the sheet set feels soft when you touch it and the color is vibrant on the screen but in person, it’s even better!

With four piece bedding set comforter and sheets, you will never have to worry about having a comfortable bed again. The comforter is soft, lightweight and warm. The fitted sheet are deep enough to fit over my thick mattress pad. The flat sheet fits nicely on my queen-sized bed; like a tailored pair of jeans would fit smoothly over your hips and thighs.

These sheets are not just soft and comfortable, but they actually look good too. They are a modern take on the classic damask pattern and are on trend, yet timeless. The pillowcases have deep pockets so your pillows will stay in place all night. These sheets can be machine washed and dried, but should not be ironed–they look best when you shake them out.

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