Banarsi Designer Suit 

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We have a wide variety of stunning designs for banarsi suit design in pakistan. We do our best to provide you a silk fabric that is breathable and comfortable. You can choose from a variety of options when buying silk fabrics from different parts of the world, such as Italy and Iraq.

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We have a variety of fabrics, designed and manufactured by top brands in the fashion industry. If you are looking for something more formal, we have Chettinad, Banarsi and Crepe Suits. If you think that those designs are too elegant for your taste, then we got some casual ones as well with prints and bright colors like the Banarsi Suits from Sonu Fashion. Also, our online shop offers both Men’s Tailor Made Suits and Ready Made Suits so you can pick from a range of sizes to select smaller or larger ones as per your convenience.

The Banarsi Designer Suit is for the classiest of all. It is made from premium quality fabric, ensuring minimal damage over a period of time. The design has been inspired by traditional landforms, which makes it very different from the contemporary style everyone is so fond of.

Banarsi Suit Design with Pants

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Banarsi Designer Suit This is a classic design that has been in fashion for centuries and it has remained popular all the way through. The ultimate look for any formal event, this suit comes with a dupatta and salwar that can be matched with any kind of shoes or jewelry.

Not all Banarsi Suits are made in India. The word banarsi suggests that it is from Banaras (Varanasi). Such will not be hand woven, but machine made. It is made from the finest of silk fabrics such as zari and gharara. We have thousands of designs to choose from, including the latest fashion trends coming out from India.

Part of our Banarsi range, the Banarsi Designer Suit is perfect for weddings, parties and events. The suit comes in a standard design with a half stitched collar and a two button front opening. The shirt has a single chest pocket with side vents and the trousers have one rear pocket with side vents.

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