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Yellow Suit with Red Banarasi Dupatta

Yellow Banarasi Suit is paired with a red Banarasi dupatta. The dupatta has motifs of flowers, peacocks and butterflies. This ensemble makes you look stylish and compliments most of the occasions like family functions, festivals, birthday parties or even wedding ceremonies.

A beautiful suit that can be worn multiple ways. The suit comes with a short top, an embellished long top, and a dupatta. Composed of a yellow polyester fabric with red banarasi embroidery, this suit will make you look beautiful for any occasion.

Stylish yet comfortable, this ready-to-wear suit boasts of a yellow base on which the intricate threadwork of red Banarasi has been done. The outfit is tailor made for an elite lady who can carry off the simple yet elegant style with panache. The outfit comes with a matching dupatta that ensures complete comfort and style.

This gorgeous yellow suit is a perfect outfit for any special occasion. The bright color makes it visually appealing and the tri-colored dupatta gives it a striking touch.

Get ready to be the center of attention when you wear this yellow suit. This stunning one-piece is made from pure Banarasi silk and features gorgeous red embroidered patterns all over it.

This is a beautiful yellow and red Banarasi salwar kameez with a dupatta also having floral motifs. The stunning bright color makes this dress a great choice for parties, functions or special occasions.

Yellow Suit with Banarasi Dupatta

This Yellow Suit with Banarasi Dupatta is crafted from pure cotton and features embroidery on the bottom and borders. The sari comes along with a matching Banarasi dupatta. A perfect wear for your next evening party, this darara suit set will add glamour to your attire.

A yellow suit with a banarasi dupatta is one of the most adorable outfits that can be worn not only in functions and parties but also while roaming around the town. This suit can be teamed up with a white n black floral shirt and black heels to make it look more attractive.

This yellow suit is made of net and Banarasi Dupatta. The outfit has a unique combination of beautiful design, intricate handwork and excellent fabric quality. The outfit is perfect pick for casual outings, wedding functions or parties. This yellow suit is designed to bring out the skin tone in women and enhance their overall beauty. The Banarasi silk dupatta adds to the beauty of this attire.

Yellow Colour Banarasi Suit

This Yellow Colour Banarasi Suit can be styled as per your choice easily. Pairing this suit with some beautiful jewellery pieces and heels is a must-do for any occasion. This design is undoubtedly the most incredible piece of clothing being showcased by us this season that will make you look absolutely stunning.

If you are looking for a traditional and graceful look, this yellow colour Banarasi Suit is an ideal pick. Made from premium quality fabric, it will surely lend you a sophisticated look.

This Banarasi Suit is made by weaving different kinds of threads with matching colors, textures and designs together. The end product is a gorgeous dress that consists of a top piece, bottom piece and dupatta (long scarf). This traditional suit can be worn on any occasion considering the fact that it is handcrafted by professionals.

This suit is a classic yellow Banarasi silk outfit hand woven from the finest 3.5 mm yarns. It comes with a shirt and bottom in pure silk, fully stitched with machine embroidery and embellished with mirror work designs.

The suit is beautifully designed and made from silk fabric in bright yellow colour. The bright color of the dress is an epitome of boldness and confidence that stands out to the crowd. The attire features a lovely combination of prints on sleeves, neckline and at the back side which gives it a regal touch.

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