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The Banarasi dupatta is a striking textile from the state of Uttar Pradesh in Northern India. The origin of this fabric dates back to the 16th century, when it was adopted by the Mughals, who ruled India at that time. The art of making banarasi dupattas is closely linked to their use as items of clothing for women. Adorning both sides with rich, complex embroidery in gold zari work, they were mainly worn by royal women during royal ceremonies or festivals. Their popularity spread outside royal circles after the advent of photography in 19th century India and today they can be found all over India and other Asian countries, where they are used as traditional dress items.

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Banarasi Dupatta

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An Indian Banarasi heavy dupatta is a type of fabric that is hand-woven, made of silk and cotton, or other fibers by master weavers in Varanasi India. The Banarasi dupattas are specialty in nature and have their unique characteristics so there is no substitute for these duppattas, however you can use one as a wall hanging or wrap it around your neck or shoulders to keep warm during cold weathers. The traditional banarasi dupattas were weaving using natural dyes which was mostly indigo along with other colors like green and pink.

Fabindia Banarasi Dupatta

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