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Printed Lehenga Skirt

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Banarasi Brocade Skirt online are one of the most exotic and traditional types of skirts in India. The Banaras brocades consist of pure gold and silver threads interlaced with ordinary threads to form intricate patterns and designs. These patterns are inspired from Hindu mythology as well as from historical themes. This particular type of fabric is very expensive and is often used for royal wear only, or for bridal wear by well-off families. Often mistaken for gold, Banaras brocade skirt is not made from pure gold but from alloy metals instead.

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Skirt and Blouse

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The Banarasi Brocade Skirt Online is a skirt that has been made with the finest quality fabrics and embellished with exquisitely designed patterns. This fabric comes in various designs, patterns and colors making it a perfect wear at any occasion. The banarasi brocade fabric is known for its durability and softness which makes it comfortable to wear all day long. At our online store, we not only sell banarasi brocade online but also provide you with information on how to care for this fabric from your purchase date till long years after use of the item.

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