Banarasi Brocade Skirt Online

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This skirt is made of a heavy weight brocade fabric. The design is printed both sides and there are plenty of ruching details on the hemline and waist for a flattering fit. To keep up with the style trends this season, choose this skirt.

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Banarasi brocade skirt online is one of the most loved fabrics in India and is used widely in traditional Indian wear. The tablecloth brocade work on the top adds to the classic look of the pure cotton skirt. Also known as banarasi sari skirt, it comes with pure cotton lining and transparent pallu. Buy the beautiful banarasi brocade skirt online from buyandslay at wholesale prices

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banarasi brocade skirt onlineThe skirt has a print on it and is ideal for casual occasions. Everyday wear, functions and parties are perfect for this skirt. It also has some embroidery work done on it to add grace to the overall look. The fabric used for crafting the skirt is cotton. Blouse: made up of cotton, hand block printing on the front and back in different shades of pastel colours.

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