Baby carrier wear on back is a new trend. It’s a great way to carry your baby and keep your hands free. You can use it for all types of situations, including hiking, shopping and traveling. Baby Bjorn carriers are available in multiple styles, so you can find one that works for you.

Baby Bjorn Carrier Wear On Back:

The Baby Bjorn Carrier Wear On Back is designed specifically for wearing on your back with your baby facing outwards. This carrier has two shoulder straps that cross in front of your back, making it easy to put on and take off even when wearing bulky clothing. The shoulder straps are padded for extra comfort as well as safety straps over each shoulder strap to ensure that your baby stays secure while in the carrier. The waist strap helps distribute the weight evenly across both shoulders and allows parents to carry heavier babies comfortably without straining their own bodies.

The Baby Bjorn Carrier Wear On Back comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. The small size fits babies from 7-15 pounds; the medium size fits babies from 12-18 pounds; and the large size fits babies from 15-25 pounds (or up to 30 pounds if used with an infant insert).

Baby Bjorn Carrier Wear On Back


The BabyBjorn Carrier One makes the list because it meets our minimum criteria for inclusion, but it’s not our favorite. In the forward-facing position, the carrier is a bit of a crotch dangler, it has a very European, technical look (which seems to be preferred by dads, but is overall not as feminine for moms), and is not particularly breastfeeding friendly. That said, it is very comfortable in both the inward-facing and back carry positions, and the fact that dads seem especially willing to wear BabyBjorn carriers has to count for something.

BabyBjorn Carrier One

Things We Love

  • Three of Four Carry Positions: The Carrier One supports inward-facing, outward-facing, and back carry positions. It does not support side carrying.
  • Preferred by Dads: Dads seem especially happy to wear this carrier, probably due to its technical, non-feminine look. Obviously if dad is wearing the carrier, it doesn’t matter too much whether it’s breastfeeding friendly or not!
  • Infant-Ready: The Carrier One does not need an infant insert and is safe for babies 7-33 pounds.
  • Available in Mesh: While the standard Carrier One is great for most climates, it is also available in mesh (BabyBjorn Carrier One Air) for those who live in hotter climates.

Things We Don’t Love As Much

  • Slightly Crotch-Dangly Outward-Facing Carry: Although BabyBjorn technically addressed its reputation as being a “crotch dangling” baby carrier, its outward-facing carry still puts baby in a pretty crotch-dangly position the way we see it. Other carriers, like Ergobaby and Lillebaby, achieve a much deeper seat.
  • Super Euro, Super Technical Look: It almost feels wrong to categorize the BabyBjorn Carrier One as “soft structured,” since it has a pretty hard-structured look to it. Dads seem to feel especially confident in this carrier, but it’s not our favorite of the bunch for us ladies. The buckles are enormous, the straps in the back tend to look messy, and most color options feature some sort of contrast-color piping detail, which feels a little dated to us.
  • Not For Older Toddlers: Unlike most carriers that max out around 45 pounds, the Carrier One maxes out at 33 pounds, a weight most toddlers hit sometime between ages 2 and 3. If you opt for this carrier and want to carry your toddler after 33 pounds, you’ll eventually need a new soft structured carrier.
  • Not Super Compact: The BabyBjorn Carrier One can be rolled up to about the size of a small rolled blanket, which is a bit bulky to slip into your diaper bag.
  • Not Breastfeeding Friendly: This carrier must be slipped overhead, and will cover a significant portion of mom’s chest, even when loosened. It is still possible to breastfeed in this carrier, but it is definitely not easy.
  • Expensive: At $190, this is one of the most expensive baby carriers and may be too expensive to be worth it for some. (If you count yourself in this category, try looking for used carriers on your local buy/sell/trade group on Facebook.)

Compare It To Other Baby Carriers

Compare It To Other BabyBjorn Carriers

  • Compared to the We, the Carrier One allows front-facing carry and is a bit more attractive. Compared to the Miracle, the Carrier One is slightly less supportive but significantly more attractive. Compared to the Original, the Carrier One holds baby in an ergonomic wide-legged bucket seat position and does not “crotch dangle.”

How To

  • Front inward carry position in the BabyBjorn Carrier One
  • Front outward carry position in the BabyBjorn Carrier One
  • Back carry position in the BabyBjorn Carrier One
  • Newborn carry position in the BabyBjorn Carrier One

Buy It

  • Baby Bjorn Carrier One – $190
  • Deals can be found online for significantly less for new carriers in some of the less popular colors
  • For deals on used carriers, check your favorite carrier Buy/Sell/Trade group

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