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Duchess Fabric Price in Nigeria

  How Much is Duchess Material in Nigeria? Duchess silk satin is sold by the yard and quality.The best price you can get from top suppliers in Nigeria are from ; NGN 1500-NGN 2000 ...


Where to Buy Silk Charmeuse Fabrics in Lagos

For classy garments and bedding, silk charmeuse remains a popular material. It was, however, during the 20th century that American corporations developed a variety of synthetic fabrics, one of the primary goals of which...


Canvas Material in Lagos

Please click the link below to chat with the best Canvas fabric supplier in Lagos Nigeria. What Is Canvas? Traditionally, canvas is made from cotton, with linen being an option. Durable, sturdy, and...


Brocade Fabric in Nigeria

Price of Brocade Fabric in Nigeria Brocade fabric can be easily purchased via the Internet. Many online fabric shops offer a huge selection of cloths in a wide range of colors, patterns, and compositions....


Where to Buy Fabrics in Lagos

Do you have a specific project in mind that calls for fabrics? Alternatively, perhaps you would just like to look at fabrics online from the comfort of your home. Buyandslay fabrics are available in...


Buy Animal Print Fabric Online in Lagos Nigeria

You can never go wrong with animal print fabric, it is popular all year round. Animal prints are timeless, making them a great wardrobe staple. Among the styles available are leopard print and snakeskin,...


Where to Buy Adire Fabrics in Lagos

Silk Adire Fabric in Lagos Nigeria There is no doubt that fashion lovers in Nigeria are familiar with Adire, but if you don’t know about the Nigerian fabric, then you are missing out on...


Pleated Fabric in Lagos Nigeria

There’s one trend you definitely wouldn’t want to miss this season, and that is pleated fabric trend. It’s back and surprisingly making waves this season. There are so many different styles of pleated fabric...


Cashmere Fabric in Lagos

It is possible to purchase fabric materials such as cashmere in a variety of stores in Nigeria, but the only difficulty is in locating the one that has premium cashmere fabrics. From the various classifications of cashmere and senator materials displayed here varies in price accordingly.