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Aso oke is a popular fabric used to make kimono and other garments. It is usually made of rayon or silk, and comes in a variety of patterns and styles

Aso Oke for Sale

Aso Oke fabric is a hand-loomed, two tone fabric made from cotton yarn. The vibrant colors of this unique fabric make it ideal for a variety of uses, including clothing and home decor.

Aso Oke is a traditional agbada style designed to enhance your body silhouette and highlight your best features. It is made out of 100% cotton material, with several sizes to choose from.

Aso-oke is a type of Nigerian woven fabric that was invented by the Yoruba people in the western part of Nigeria. The Yorubas are well known for their rich weaving traditions as well as their skills in leatherwork, metal sculpture and pottery. Aso-oke is also worn by women and men at traditional festivals throughout West Africa.

Is a traditional Yoruba long dress worn by women of the Yoruba people. It is distinctively decorated but typically fashioned from thick fabric in plain colours. The dress is worn by women at special events, such as Christmas Day or New Year’s Day when families are often joined together.

Aso oke has become synonymous with Nigerian fabric and also referred to as Yoruba lace. The tradition stems from the city of Osogbo in south west Nigeria. This material is produced by hand, using intricate stitches by skilled artisans on a patterned base fabric that gives the poplin a unique texture and design.

Aso Oke is a lightweight fabric, with an intricate design that is used to make dresses, skirts, trousers and blouses. The material is usually made from cotton, although synthetic fabrics are also used.

Aso Oke, a fabric handwoven into a design often featuring two contrasting colors. These fabrics originated in Ibadan, Nigeria and are considered to be a symbol of status among the Yoruba people. They now come from several African countries, especially in West Africa

Aso-oke is a woven fabric, typically made from cotton or a cotton blend. Aso-oke cloths are also called “tapa” or “barkcloth”, which were historically worn by people from West Africa, Nigeria, and surrounding countries. The fabric was used to make clothing for men and women and were dyed with native dyes collected from trees, plants and flowers.

The material is soft and easy to wash. The dress is made with a modern body contouring fashion that gives you a nice silhouette.

Aso Oke is the most popular clothing material in Africa. It’s comfortable, casual, and good for all sizes.

Aso Oke is one of the most popular fabrics in Nigeria, it’s very high quality and widely available. It’s often used for clothing and traditional wear like caps, gowns, wrappers, etc.

Aso Oke is one of the most popular Nigerian fabrics. It is made from cotton and can be worn by all age groups.

Aso Oke is a special Nigerian fabric that can be used for event, party or even daily wear.

Aso-oke fabric, also known as Aso-Oke cloth, is a classic African textile made from cotton or rayon. It is named after the city of Asaba in Nigeria and was popularized in the 1960s.

Made from the finest organic cotton and hand-finished with parisian detailing.

Our 100% cotton, hand loomed Aso Oke fabric is woven by the Yorubas in Nigeria. This unique weaving process results in a fabric with a distinctive pattern and rich color palette. Aso oke is known for its durability and versatility, and it can improve any space with its bold design.

Aso oke fabric is a staple of Nigerian Yoruba wedding attire and is a very common fabric seen in the textile industry. It is also known as “Mother’s Favourite” due to its tendency to be lighter in color and softer than other fabrics.

This Aso Oke is a classic weaving made of a cotton-polyester blend and can be worn by both men and women. The style is known as Aso-Oke, which means warm jacket in Yoruba. This is a perfect addition to your wardrobe for summertime!

Aso Oke is a traditional Nigerian attire worn by women of all ages. Resembling an oversized men’s shirt, the Aso Oke is typically worn over wrap skirts or long skirts.

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