Ankara  fabrics are inarguably one of the most beautiful pieces of fabrics to behold. From the simplest designs to the complex gorgeous styles that are sewn, Ankara fabric is a must have.

Nigerians appreciate African print because of its texture and calm look.  In this article, I will show you Ankara fabrics you need to shop in 2021.

Globally, the Ankara fabric has proven to be so versatile that it is now a household fabric in the global world.  Ankara is now worn by top celebrities in the world such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, kim kardashan; and many more. Ankara fabric is already a world tone staple.Ankara fabrics are made in unique beautiful shades. Ankara designs are eye catchy. Some of the designs are loud and gorgeous . This print is largely worn in west Africa and also in the western world. Ankara Fabric comes in 6 and 12 yards.

These Ankara prints are flattery, you can use any of them to make lovely styles in 2021. I have curated  beautiful African prints for your unique ankara designs, trendy ankara styles for weddings and modern ankara styles for young women.

Ankara is not only used to make clothings, you can use Ankara to make bags, shoes, dresses, jewelry, bedspreads, decorations, sofa covers, throw pillows and so on.  This has brought growth in the business over the past 40 years. Over the years Ankara was considered as a non durable fabric, but the ideology is different as manufactures have gone out of their way to produce quality Ankara fabric you can proudly buy.

Today Ankara is one of the top fabrics celebrities especially in Africa use for their outfits, most traditional wedding outfits in Africa are made with Ankara print. We can say that Ankara print has transformed  from cultural attire to a glamorous wardrobe must-have and right now the spotlight is on Africa.

However, West Africa has witnessed a boom in their economy from Ankara business. Nigeria in the  1980s,  had about 180 functional textile mills. This led to creation of jobs where about a million Nigerian were employed this accounted for more than 60 percent of the textile industry capacity in West Africa, empowering millions of households across all geopolitical zones of Nigeria.
The textile industry in Nigeria witnessed a setback after it crashed according to Nigeria’s Textile Industry on; Nigeria’s textile economy : Rebound.

The good news is the after the crash, the industry has resuscitated. The Nigerian textile industry will boast of more than 25 functioning  textile companies. The industry is not what it’s expected to be but Nigeria is not behind as Ankara fabric trade continues to soar in the world.


Latest Ankara print NGN 8000 or $20.95
Latest Ankara print NGN 8000 or $20.95
Latest Ankara print NGN 8000 or $20.95
Latest Ankara print NGN 8000 or $20.97
Latest Ankara print NGN 8000or $20.95
Latest Ankara print NGN 8000 or $20.97
Latest Ankara print NGN 8000 or $20.97

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